Samsung Could Launch Its Second Foldable Display Device Much Before Huawei

The foldable display wars have just begun with Samsung and Huawei at the forefront of it. While Huawei’s Mate X will not launch until at least September this year, a new report out of Korea suggests that Samsung will be ready with another by then. This is in addition to the two other foldable display phones that the company is expected to be launching next year.

In terms of form factor, it is said that this phone will fold outwards exactly like the Mate X. While information on Samsung’s new foldable display device is pretty bleak at the moment, the report indicates that Samsung’s foldable display phone could reach consumers much before Huawei’s Mate X.

This could offer a significant advantage to Samsung in the industry. However, seeing how the Galaxy Fold release was handled, we’re reserving our excitement until we have something concrete. While these foldable display phones don’t offer any changes in terms of internal hardware, the extra real estate can be really helpful. Knowing how Samsung has already run into issues, it makes sense for the company to understand the market and act accordingly.

Would you be interested in yet another foldable display phone by Samsung?

Source: The Investor

Via: Phone Arena

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