How to use your face as password for Galaxy S10 | easy steps to setup Face Recognition

Following Apple’s lead, Samsung has also introduced Face Recognition on its new flagship, the Galaxy S10 series. Now, you can use your face as password for Galaxy S10. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up Face Recognition on your device.

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How to use your face as password for Galaxy S10 | easy steps to setup Face Recognition

Below are the steps to set up Face Recognition on your device.

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Tap Biometrics and security.
  4. Tap Face recognition.
  5. Put in your screen unlock option like PIN, Password, or Pattern.
  6. If it’s your first time to setup Face Recognition, you must set up a screen lock option first (PIN, Password, or Pattern). After that, follow the steps below.
  7. From the ‘Are you wearing glasses right now’ screen, select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then tap Continue.
  8. While holding the phone 8-20 inches away, position your face within the circle displayed on-screen.
  9. From the Useful features menu, tap the switch to turn each option on Switch on or off Switch off then tap OK (bottom).
    • Stay on Lock screen. Once unlocked, remain on the lock screen until you swipe.
    • Faster recognition. When off, greater security is provided making it harder to unlock your phone using an image or video.
    • Lift to wake. Wake your phone by picking it up. Face recognition will be ready as soon as you pick up your phone.
    • Brighten screen. Temporarily increases screen brightness to improve facial recognition in the dark.
  10. Tap the Face unlock switch to turn facial recognition on Switch on or off Switch off.

IMPORTANT: Face Recognition is not secure. Samsung has admitted that this feature is purely for convenience only to allow you unlock your device faster. However, it is not as secure as other options like PIN, Password, or Pattern. You should be able to unlock your phone using your photo. If you are concerned about phone security, consider not using this type of screen unlock option.


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