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With over 560 million users in over 20 million servers, Rythm bot is the top music bot in Discord today. Such a massive user base invites all sorts of issues so it’s not surprising that Rythm goes down from time to time. Aside from sporadic server issues, the bot can also suffer from other minor problems. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll discuss some of the common problems that affect a huge number of people when Rythm bot is not working.

How to fix Rythm Discord bot Not working?

There are a handful of Rythm-bot-not-working scenarios that many people encounter all the time. In this guide, we’ll show you what these specific issues are and how to fix each of them.

What to do if Rythm bot won’t go online.

In order for Rythm bot to work on your server, it has to be online and summoned first. Make sure to check if it shows as online on the right panel first. This is important because Rythm may not be running 100% all the time. If Rythm bot is offline, try to kick it off the server and invite it again.

Another important thing that you must do is to ensure that Rythm bot has actually joined the voice channel you’re in. You can do this by summoning it with either the “/join” or “/summon” command.

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Check the Rythm Bot Discord server status.

If kicking and inviting the bot did not help, try to check the status of the bot servers for possible outage. Problems may sometimes develop that require time to fix. Outages and planned maintenance are part of any online service so if there’s an on-going issue, you simply have to wait it out until the problem has been addressed.

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What to do if Rythm bot is not taking commands.

Again, in this case, you want to make sure first that Rythm bot is online and there’s no on-going outage that may have impacted your server.

If Rythm bot servers are all good, then you need to do a couple of other troubleshooting to fix the situation. The first one is to check if Rythm responds if you use the correct prefix in your server. 

If the prefix commands for your server are also being ignored, try to kick and invite the bot again. To do that, just right click on the Rythm bot under your voice channel and select the Kick option.

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What to do if Rythm is not playing any sound.

If Rythm bot appears to be working but does not play any sound, these are the solutions that you can do:

Ensure that Rythm bot is not muted.

Under the list of members in the Voice channel panel, right click on Rythm bot and check if the Mute box has a check mark on it. Make sure that you remove the check mark to unmute the bot.

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Increase the volume level.

The volume level of Rythm Discord music bot may be too low to hear. Try adjusting the volume by right clicking on the bot under the voice channel section.

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Check Discord audio output.

If Rythm bot audio is still not working, the next thing that you want to do is to check if you’ve set the right output for the Discord app itself. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Discord User Settings icon at the bottom.
  2. Go to Voice & Video.
  3. Select the correct OUTPUT DEVICE.
  4. Go back to the main Discord screen and press CTRL+R.

Once the app has been refreshed, check if Rythm sound is now working.

Disconnect and reconnect Rythm.

Sometimes, quickly disconnecting and reconnecting any Discord music bot can help clear minor audio bugs. Be sure to disconnect Rythm from your voice channel and reconnect it afterwards.

Check for Discord app updates.

Updating the Discord app is one of the best ways to keep bugs away. To force Discord to update, close it using the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and reopen it. If the app is not running the latest version, it should update once you start it back up.

What to do if Rythm bot is not playing playlists.

Keep in mind that Rythm bot can only crawl publicly available playlists in the internet. If the playlist you’re trying to play is unlisted or private, it won’t work. 

If you’re trying to play music from your own public playlist (the you recently created), try to wait some time before it becomes visible to Rythm bot.

Podcasts in Spotify are NOT supported by Rythm bot and most bots in Discord.

What to do if Rythm bot won’t join voice channel.

If Rythm bot is online but it refuses to join the voice channel, these are steps to fix it:

  1. Check if there’s any Rythm outage or maintenance at this time.
  2. Use a different voice channel and invite Rythm there. Then, force the bot to join the channel by typing the command “/summon”.
  3. Move back to the original voice channel.
  4. Invite the bot back into the original voice channel using “/summon”.
  5. You can also try to change the region of your voice channel. Rythm prefers that you use the US East server.
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