How To Make Steam Run With Administrative Privileges

Some cases of Steam errors or problems may require running the client with Administrative Privileges. This is one of the steps when troubleshooting Steam. If you’ve been having a problem with Steam lately, make sure that you run the client in elevated mode.

There are several Steam errors that may require extensive troubleshooting steps and this guide may help. Steam may sometimes need administrative privileges in order to perform task like update itself, or install games. If the needed permission is missing, Steam may stop working properly or may get stuck at a certain point. 

Learn how to run Steam with Administrative privileges in this post.

Running Steam with Administrative Privileges

Follow the steps below to let it run with Administrative Privileges.

  1. Open Task Manager.

    Press the WIN + S buttons and type in “task manager.” Then, press enter to launch Task Manager. Task Manager 1

  2. Close all Steam related process.

    Under the Processes tab, find all Steam related processes. To end a process, right click on the item and click on End Task. End Task

  3. Open Steam directory.

    The default path of Steam folder is C:\Program Files\Steam. Depending on your machine, the default path could also be C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam. Default path 1

  4. Find “Steam.exe.”

    Open the Steam folder and locate “Steam.exe” from the list. Steam

  5. Click Steam.exe Properties.

    Right click on Steam.exe and select Properties. right click

  6. Enable Run this program as an administrator.

    Under the Compatibility tab, find Run this program as an administrator and check the box beside it. Afterwards, click Apply.Steam properties

  7. Re-open Steam client.

    Launch Steam client and check for the problem.

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