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How to Reset Network Settings on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through restoring the default network configuration on the newest Google Pixel smartphone. Here’s a quick guide to reset network settings on Google Pixel 7.

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Time Needed : 4 minutes

Smartphones have different types of reset options that you can use whenever you need to put things back to their original state or out-of-the-box configuration. Each of these reset options has a designated function.

Depicted below is the option to reset command that is used to restore the default network settings and configurations on the newest Google Pixel smartphone. If you’re new to this phone and need some input on how to access and perform this reset, feel free to refer to these subsequent instructions.

  1. To begin, open the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the Apps tray of your phone.

    enable usb debugging mode google

    You can also launch the Settings menu by tapping on the gear icon from the quick settings panel of your phone.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find System from the given options and then tap on it to continue.

    enable usb debugging mode google

    The system menu opens next. Here, you will see system-related options and features.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom section and then tap Reset options.

    factory reset google

    Another window opens with a list of all available system reset options.

  4. Select the option to Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth to proceed.

    reset network settings google

    On the succeeding window, you will see more details about the selected reset command.

  5. Read and review the details to learn which settings will be affected by this reset.

    reset network settings google

    You may opt to mark the checkbox to Erase downloaded SIMs, if needed. Otherwise, leave it blank.

  6. After reviewing the reset details, tap the Reset settings button at the bottom right side.

    reset network settings google

    The phone will then start resetting all network settings including your current Wi-Fi settings, Mobile data and Bluetooth connections.

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Unlike a factory reset, resetting the network settings does not affect any saved information from the internal storage and so all your important files and downloaded contents remain safe.

What Happens after a Network Reset?

When the reset is finished, the phone instigates an automatic system reboot to refresh the network services and apply the recent changes to the network system. After the reset, you will need to re-enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other network-related features that are disabled by default.

Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network also requires entering of the network credentials such as the SSID and network password as this information was also removed from the phone’s network direction during the reset.

You also need to pair individual Bluetooth devices in order to connect and use them with your Pixel phone like the first time.

Resetting the phone’s network settings usually comes in handy when dealing with network-related issues that could not be rectified by basic network solutions. Post-update network errors from incompatible network settings overrides can likewise be addressed by this reset.

There’s no need to worry about losing important data because this reset does not delete any saved information from the internal storage. Thus, it is safe to perform this reset even without creating user data backups. Just be sure to follow the above steps and choose the correct reset option or command to trigger.

And that’s how to reset network settings on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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