How To Fix Beats Solo 3 Battery Drain Issue

There have been reports from Beats Solo 3 users experiencing battery drain problem on their headphones. Although Beats Solo 3 is a durable and reliable headphone, there are instances when certain issues can occur such as battery is draining fast. In here, let us go through possible solutions that you can do to fix Beats Solo 3 battery drain issue.

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Fix Beats Solo 3 Battery Drain Issue

Beast Solo 3 is a great headphone that’s perfect to use as your everyday headphone. Powered 40 hours of battery life, this is an all-day play headphones for you. It is also equipped with Apple Q1 chip and Fast fuel features that allows for 3 hours playback even with just 5 minutes of charging.

In order to fix and prevent battery drain issues on your Beats Solo 3 headphone, keep in mind the important points below:

  • To extend battery life of your headphone, make sure to avoid placing headphone under extreme weather conditions: too hot or too cold.
  • When headphones are not in use, always return the headphone to its charging base so as never to run out of juice on your headphone.
  • If headphones are not used for a longer period of time, always make it a habit to charge the device even if you will not be using it. It is recommended to charge Bluetooth headset every 3 months so as battery will remain to be optimized and fully charged even when not in use.
  • To prevent battery from depleting, which is one of the possible reason for battery draining fast, is to avoid overcharging the device. When a device is overcharged, the battery’s efficiency will decrease.
  • Another fix for battery drain issue on your headphone is to disable or turn off Bluetooth settings. When Bluetooth is turned off (when not in use) it saves and conserves battery life since it will not connect to another Bluetooth device.
  • Make sure to clean Beats headphones and its case. Presence of dirt on your device can cause charging issues with your headphone. If headphones are not sufficiently charged, it can cause battery to drain faster than usual. Cleaning headphone thoroughly ensures that the headphone will be fully charged.
  • Check the charging cable and power outlet. Another possible reason why battery is draining too fast is because of not enough power supply to the headphone caused by a faulty charging cable or issues with the power source.
  • If battery of your headphone is determined to be defective, you may need to replace it with a new battery. A faulty or damaged battery can be the culprit for your headphone’s battery to drain faster than usual. If the battery is sill covered by the warranty, AppleCare+ will replace it for your at no extra charge. However, if the headphone is no longer covered with a warranty services will incur additional charges.
  • Another simple solution to this issue is to simply remove the battery. There have been reports from users that this solution worked. To do this, remove the battery from headphones. Leave the battery out of your headphones for at least 1-2 weeks. After the time has elapsed, reinsert battery again to the headphone. Charge the headphones and then check if the device is still draining battery fast.

Final Thoughts

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It can be a frustrating experience when your headphones battery is draining faster than it used to especially when you are enjoying listening to your favorite music tracks using your beats headphone.

If your headphone is draining battery faster than it used to, there is definitely an issue with your battery since the battery is responsible for supplying power to your headphone. Contact support center for more accurate diagnosis of the issue and fixes that can help solve the draining battery on your headphone.

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