How To Reset Galaxy S22

There are different types of resets in a Samsung Galaxy S22 and while all of them can fix most of the problems you might encounter with you device, the factory reset is the most effective. However, all your files and data will also be deleted after doing the procedure.

That’s the reason why such a procedure, while effective, should be done as the last resort. The most common factory reset can be done through the Settings app and it’s the most recommended procedure you have to do provided that your phone is working or responding properly to touches.


Before the reset, make sure that you have already created a backup of your important files and data. You may also sync your phone with your Google account to backup any account-related stuff you don’t want to lose.

If possible, log out of your account before the reset, although it’s not really that important because you will be asked to enter your Samsung and Google accounts during the reset.

Also, make it a point to charge your phone before resetting it because what you don’t want to happen is your phone turning off during the process, which might lead to it being bricked.

Resetting Galaxy S22

Time Needed : 6 minutes

Assuming you've already backed up all the important stuff in your phone, follow these steps to reset it.

  1. Pull up the Apps drawer and then tap Settings.

    This will bring you to the main settings screen.
    factory reset galaxy s22 1

  2. Find and tap General management.

    You may have to scroll all the down to the bottom of the screen to find it.
    factory reset galaxy s22 2

  3. Tap Reset.

    It's at the bottom of the screen.
    factory reset galaxy s22 3

  4. Tap Factory data reset.

    It's the fourth option from the top.
    factory reset galaxy s22 4

  5. Scroll down and tap the Reset button.

    You may also read the information on the screen to learn more about the procedure and its impact to your phone.
    factory reset galaxy s22 5

  6. Enter your screen lock, if prompted.

    This is important to verify your identity.
    factory reset galaxy s22 6

  7. Tap Delete all.

    This will bring you to the next screen.
    factory reset galaxy s22 7

  8. You might have to choose between biometrics or password.

    If it's biometrics you chose, the phone will immediately reset once it has verified your fingerprint. Otherwise, you will have to enter the password of your Samsung account and tap OK.
    factory reset galaxy s22 8

  • Settings App
  • Galaxy S22

It will take a few seconds before your phone will restart. Once the Samsung logo appears, it’s a sign that it’s already starting to delete all your personal data and bring all the settings back to their default values.

After the reset, it won’t bring you to the lock screen, instead you will be prompted to set up your phone again. So try doing that and if possible, set it up as a new device and just restore your data later.

We also recommend to set up your Google Account while setting it up to enable the Factory Reset Protection.

After the reset and your Galaxy S22 is still kind of laggy, give it a couple of minutes and then try rebooting it. Just press and hold the volume down button and the power key for a couple of seconds until the power menu appears. Then tap Restart and wait until it brings you back to the lock screen or the home screen.

And that’s how you reset Samsung Galaxy S22. We hope this tutorial can help you.


  1. How do I reset my Samsung Galaxy S22 without password?

    Your password is one way to secure your phone so it's imperative you know it at all times. However, if you want to reset your Galaxy S22 without a password, then you have to boot it up into the Recovery Mode. From there, you will have the option to hard reset your device. You just have to use the volume keys to navigate, and the power key to select. However, after the reset, it will still ask you for your Google ID password as part of the Factory Reset Protection feature of all Android devices.

  2. How do I reset my Galaxy S22 without deleting my data?

    You can do the Reset all settings option instead of the factory data reset reset. Doing that will bring all the settings of your phone back to their default values without deleting any of your personal files and data. It's almost the same as the factory reset except that you won't also be logged out of your accounts.

  3. What happens to my data if I reset my Galaxy S22?

    The factory reset will erase all your files, pictures, videos and all personal stuff you saved in your phone. If you haven't created a backup before the reset, then it's almost impossible to recover them, although there are third-party applications online that you can purchase to help you recover lost data from your phone but there's no guarantee you can recover everything.

  4. What is a soft reset?

    In its most basic sense, it's just a restart or a system reboot. But we often use the term to describe a Forced Restart, which simulates battery removal. It's one of the most effective solutions against minor issues.

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