Report: iPhone XR 2 Will Have the Best Battery Life of Any iPhone So Far

If reports are to be believed, Apple is currently hard at work developing the second generation iPhone XR. The original, launched last year, packs the best battery life of any iPhone. The aforementioned report suggests that the second-gen model might have an upgraded battery pack inside.

The battery unit that will be used with the successor is said to be 3,110 mAh, which is only a minor upgrade over the 2,942 mAh battery on the iPhone XR. But this slightly larger battery pack will supposedly work in tandem with the new Apple A13 (7nm) chipset, which is expected to increase battery efficiency.

We’re still some distance away from the iPhone XR successor, though, so we recommend you to take this report with a pinch of salt. But considering how Android manufacturers are beefing up their batteries to provide longer usage times, it won’t be surprising if Apple is trying to catch up.

The iPhone XR has been widely praised for its battery life, with Apple openly endorsing its long battery life in marketing materials as well. We expect to encounter more information on the iPhone XR 2 in the coming months, although we won’t be holding our breath. The XR was announced in September last year, so perhaps Apple will follow the same strategy this year.


Via: Phone Arena

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