How To Fix PS5 Keeps Shutting Down In NBA 2K24 | Crashing Issues

NBA 2K24 players on PS5 have been experiencing frustrating crashes where their console suddenly shuts down while playing. This issue occurs randomly and makes enjoying the game impossible. In this guide, we’ll review the potential fixes to help you fix if PS5 keeps shutting down in NBA 2K24.

What are the reasons for sudden or persistent restarting issues when playing NBA 2K24

Before jumping into the fixes, it’s important to understand what might trigger the PS5 to shut down unexpectedly in NBA 2K24. Here are some of the likely culprits:


The powerful hardware in the PS5 produces significant heat when running graphically intense games like NBA 2K24. The consistently high frame rates and complex visuals make the GPU and CPU run at peak capacity for prolonged periods. This causes the internal temperature inside the tightly packed PS5 console to rise. 

If the temperature exceeds safe limits, around 70-80°C, the system will forcibly shut down as a protective measure. This prevents permanent damage to the silicon chips and other delicate components due to excess heat. Insufficient ventilation, accumulated dust blocking airflow, or thermal paste drying out can exacerbate overheating and lead to more frequent emergency shutdowns.

Outdated Software

Software bugs in an outdated version of the NBA 2K24 game or the PS5 firmware itself could trigger the shutdowns. Game developers regularly release patches to fix newly discovered bugs. Similarly, Sony issues new system software updates for the PS5 that improve system stability. 

Not installing the latest updates means you remain vulnerable to known bugs that may cause crashes, freezes, or game shutdowns. Always keep NBA 2K24 game updates set to automatic install. Also, enable auto-update for system software under PS5 Settings to avoid operating on outdated, buggy firmware.

Corrupted Data

The PS5 functions properly and uses carefully organized system files and game data. If some of this data gets corrupted or conflicts arise, it can confuse the operating system and cause unpredictable behaviors like crashes or shutdowns. 

Heavy gaming sessions can sometimes corrupt cached memory or fragments of game data like saves. Deleting and reinstalling the game or rebuilding the PS5 database realigns the files into proper order again. In rare cases, the system data may get damaged, necessitating a fresh re-initialization of the PS5 to factory state.

Hardware Defect

In rare situations, an actual defect in the PS5 hardware itself could be responsible for the unexplained shutdowns when running NBA 2K24 specifically. This is least likely but cannot be ruled out completely. 

The intricate circuitry and advanced components inside the PS5 have to work harmoniously for robust functioning. A fault in the cooling systems, power supply circuits, memory chips, or even the main processor could cause power to cut off intermittently and abruptly when the console is under heavy loads, like playing games. Replacing the damaged hardware is the only fix for a confirmed hardware defect.

How to fix PS5 keeps shutting down in NBA 2K24

Here are the possible solutions that you can try if your PS5 suddenly shuts down in the middle of your NBA 2K24 gameplay:

Fix 1: Check if your PS5 is overheating

Overheating is one of the most common reasons for PS5 crashes in NBA 2K24. The demanding graphics of the game can push the PS5 hardware and cause the internal temperature to rise beyond safe levels, triggering an automatic shutdown for protection. Here are some tips to prevent and fix overheating:

Check if your PS5 is overheating
  • Check for Dust Buildup – Open the PS5 panels and inspect the interior for accumulated dust. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any debris blocking airflow.
  • Improve Ventilation – Ensure ample open space around the PS5 for dissipating hot air. Avoid confining it in an enclosed TV stand. 
  • Use an External Fan – Position a small external fan to blow cool air directly into the PS5 vents as you play NBA 2K24. This aids the internal fan and prevents overheating shutdowns.
  • Lower In-game Graphics Settings – NBA 2K24 has extensive graphics options. Lower the quality settings like Resolution, Texture Quality, Shadows, etc., to reduce GPU load and heat output. 
  • Clean PS5 Internally – As a last resort, open the PS5 covers and use compressed air to clear accumulated dust from the heatsink, fan, and internal components to improve airflow and cooling.

Fix 2: Install the latest System Software Updates

Another potential cause of crashes can be bugs in outdated game or system software. Ensure both NBA 2K24 and your PS5 system software are updated to the latest versions:

1. For NBA 2K24 – Check for Game Updates from the Home Screen options menu. If available, download and install any patches.

Install the latest System Software Updates

2. For PS5 System Software – Go to Settings > System > System Software Update and Settings. Select “Update System Software” to install the latest system software.

3. Enable Auto-Updates – To avoid this issue in the future, enable Auto-Download options for game and system updates under System settings.

Fix 3: Rebuild the PS5 Database 

File corruption or conflicts during the installation of NBA 2K24 can also trigger crashes or shutdowns. Rebuilding the database reorganizes system files and often resolves such problems:

Rebuild the PS5 Database

1. Power off the console fully by long pressing the power button on the PS5. 

2. Hold the power button for 7 seconds until you hear the second beep. This will restart the console into Safe Mode.

3. Plug in the controller using a USB cable and press the PS button.

4. Select option 5 – Rebuild Database. This scans and reorganizes all system files, fixing corruptions.

5. The process usually takes 5-10 minutes, and PS5 will restart normally when complete. Try launching NBA 2K24 now.

Fix 4: Initialize PS5 to Factory Settings

If you have tried everything suggested above with no success in fixing the shutdown issue, initializing the PS5 restores it to factory condition, eliminating any system-level problems: 

Initialize PS5 to Factory Settings

1. Boot into Safe Mode like before using the 7-second power button hold.

2. Now select option 7 – Initialize PS5. Note this will erase all data, so backup save files first.

3. Follow the screens to complete initialization. It will reinstall the PS5 system software fresh.

4. Fully set up the PS5 from scratch again, sign into accounts, and try NBA 2K24. 

The problem should be resolved after restoring your PS5 to its original software. Re-downloading your games and saves will be required after initializing.

A Gamer’s Frustrating Experience With Unexpected Shutdowns

John, an avid NBA fan, eagerly awaited the release of NBA 2K24 for PS5. On launch day, he rushed home from work excited to start a new MyCareer story on his console. The game booted up smoothly, and John spent the next 2 hours engrossed, leveling up his custom player through high school games. 

PS5 Keeps Shutting Down In NBA 2K24

Suddenly, at a pivotal moment, as his player was about to be recruited into college, the PS5 shut down abruptly without warning. John was shocked – he had never faced such an issue with his console. After restarting, he loaded his save file again, only to have the PS5 crash and power off after another 45 minutes of playing NBA 2K24.

Every time John tried to play NBA 2K24, this repeated crashing and unexpected shutdown was extremely frustrating. He could not progress further than a couple of in-game hours before the PS5 would shut down and abruptly end his session. No other games had this problem, leading John to suspect it was an issue specifically with NBA 2K24. 

He scoured online forums and Reddit looking for fixes, but nothing worked. He tried reinstalling NBA 2K24, but that did not help. 

After almost a week of agonizing and inability to enjoy the new NBA 2K properly on his PS5, John called Sony support. 

The technician advised him to initialize his PS5 to factory state as a last resort. Though hesitant to lose all his game data, John went ahead as he was desperate to be able to play NBA 2K24 normally. Surprisingly, initializing the PS5 fixed the shutdown issues permanently! The game ran smoothly without crashes, allowing John to embark on his pro NBA journey finally.

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