Starfield Dream Home Perk: Building Your Perfect Space Haven

The Starfield Dream Home perk grants you a massive mansion on the planet Nesoi in the Olympus system. While paying off the 125,000 credit mortgage may seem daunting at first, this perk can provide huge benefits if utilized properly. In this article, we’ll go over tips to maximize the perk and turn your Dream Home into an explorer’s paradise.

Pay Off the Mortgage ASAP

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The first priority is paying off that mortgage. Every time you visit the home before paying it off, you get charged 500 credits per week. That adds up fast, so focus early game efforts on amassing credits through missions, trading, and selling loot. Scavengers will find valuables easy to haul using the reduced carry weight perks.

Once you have around 130,000 credits, make a beeline for the mansion and pay it off in one lump sum. No more annoying fees, and you’ll own the place free and clear.

Turn It Into a Mobile Base

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With the mortgage gone, the Dream Home becomes an ideal planetary base for explorers. Its remote location ensures privacy, and you can fast travel there anytime.

Install a landing pad, science station, armory, and storage outside. Inside, construct crafting stations like the cooking station and workbench. Use display cases to store unique finds from your journeys.

With crafting, storage, and fast travel, you can turn Nesoi into a planetary headquarters. Deposit goods after missions, craft ammo and food, then fast travel back to your ship fully stocked and ready to depart.

Store Contraband Securely with Starfield Dream Home

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A major benefit the private mansion provides is completely secure contraband storage. Police don’t scan upon landing, so you can stockpile illegal loot without fear of confiscation. No more worrying about shielded cargo holds or smugglers compartments on ships!

Pirates and smugglers will load up on valuables like banned weapons, narcotics, stolen artifacts, and spice. Store it rent-free at your mansion until you unlock contacts willing to purchase contraband.

Show Off Your Finds

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Half the fun of exploring is displaying special discoveries! Use display cases and shelves to exhibit artifacts, relics, and oddities found on adventures.

Build a trophy room with mounted heads of exotic creatures. Set up elaborate robot displays with full backgrounds illustrating where you discovered them.

Let your creativity run wild when decorating with souvenirs. Visitors will gaze in wonder at your full-scale model of the Osiris Obelisk or incredibly rare Gek Relic.

Archive Discoveries

In addition to displaying finds, your home computer is ideal for recording knowledge. Download your ship logs after each voyage and copy them to the terminal.

Write journal entries describing experiences and observations while they’re fresh. By keeping records in a private, secure location, you have full control over who accesses them.

Future explorers can reference consolidated discoveries and study your journey through the stars. Keep tabs on systems visited, planets explored, and first contacts made.

Grow Ingredients On Site

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Exploring burns through supplies quick, so use exterior planters to grow your own. With ample open space surrounding the mansion, plant a full garden outside.

Cultivate Starfield crops like cephalotus to craft healing items and meals. Install a greenhouse dome for more demanding flora. Maintain a stock of home-grown ingredients to reduce costs at the general store.

Green thumbs can utilize the remote location to grow rare or banned plants as well. With crops right on site, you’ll save time gathering materials for crafting.

Adopt Some Companions

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Life alone on Nesoi can get lonely, so adopt some creatures! Robot companions like Vasco make great outdoor patrols and can alert you to intruders.

Non-robot options include adopting wild creatures through creature taming perks. Raise a pack of trumpetbugs as guard animals, with their burrows surrounding the property’s perimeter.

Pets provide comfort in quiet times between adventures. Bond with furry and scaly companions who are always excited to see you return home.

Install Defenses

While beautiful, Nesoi still presents dangers that your home needs protection from. Install auto turrets around the exterior to handle predators and pirates alike.

Construct electrified walls and barbed wire fences for additional security. Weaponized satellites in orbit can eliminate airborne threats. Defense drones patrolling the property will deter potential intruders.

Safeguard your haven with enough firepower to withstand an army. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home base is locked down tight.

The Ultimate Safe House

For explorers and scavengers, the Dream Home perk delivers an ideal headquarters away from the bustle of civilization. Treat it as your own corner of the galaxy to fortify and customize as desired.

Pay off the mortgage fast, then outfit the estate into a self-sufficient base supporting your mission. Grow crops, craft gear, archive discoveries, and display trophies from a private paradise colony. Just don’t forget to visit Mom and Dad back on New Atlantis occasionally!

A Fellow Explorer’s Dream Home Story

Many users choose the Dream Home perk, but making the most of it requires some work. A Redditor shares his experiences setting up a dream headquarters on Nesoi:

“I’ve basically been working towards paying off the 125,000 mortgage since starting, and I’m at about 85,000 credits so far. The house is huge, and it’s on a beautiful planet (Nesoi, in the Olympus system).

Once I pay it off, I’m going to build a big landing pad right out front so I can fast travel there easily. Then I’ll deck out the inside with crafting stations, storage, and display cases for artifacts.

The remote location will be perfect for privacy as I stockpile rare contraband finds from my expeditions. Anything too illegal to fly around with can stay safe in my warehouses rent-free.

My goal is to eventually turn Nesoi into a thriving farm colony producing ingredients for cooking and engineering. Still not sure if I want robot or organic humanoid settlers yet…

I can’t wait to start decorating with trophies of my journeys too. I found an intact Voidshell fossil that would look awesome mounted above the fireplace! Maybe I’ll even adopt one of those trumpetbug colonies and let them burrow around the perimeter as guards.

Let me know if anyone has suggestions on how I could make the most of this place. I’m pumped to develop it into the ultimate explorer’s oasis!”

Final Thoughts

The Dream Home perk delivers an amazing headquarters full of potential. Pay off the mortgage quickly, then outfit it as your planetary base. Grow crops, store contraband, install defenses, and display discoveries in your own private colony. Fellow Redditors offer inspiration and ideas for maximizing this incredible perk. With some effort, your Dream Home can become an explorer’s paradise.

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