Google Pixel 3a rises on Amazon as the best selling Unlocked phone

The Google Pixel 3a launched to most people’s surprise, coming in as a powerful, unlocked mid-range phone. And around a month and a half later, the Google Pixel 3a is sitting on Amazon’s list as the best selling Unlocked phone.

Google’s Pixel 3a sits at $400, and so that makes it one of the most expensive phones on the list, but it’s still flying off the shelves. It is the most expensive until you hit #12, which is the Galaxy S9 at around $440.

It’s quite amazing that the Google Pixel 3a has been able to hit this in such a short amount of time, but looking at the Best Selling Unlocked List, it’s not too much of a surprise either — the list is plagued with dirt cheap phones, or phones that have been around for years now.

The success the phone is seeing is pretty interesting. Apple’s iPhone XR is one of the company’s best selling smartphones, but it would be interesting to soon see some Google Pixel 3a vs. iPhone XR sales data.

source: Amazon

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