OnePlus 8 Pro Users Reportedly Seeing Strange Green Tint on the Screen

  • Some users of the OnePlus 8 Pro are reporting a green glow on the display, something that was also seen with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Pro.
  • OnePlus hasn’t acknowledged the issue as of yet but will hopefully send out a patch or an update soon.
  • It is said that this issue only appears when the display refresh rate is set to 120 Hz.

The OnePlus 8 Pro has managed to impress everyone thanks to its promise of exceptional hardware at a somewhat affordable price. However, the smartphone appears to be facing issues already with some users reporting an odd green tint on the display. OnePlus 8 Pro owners have voiced similar concerns on the company’s official forums indicating that this may be widespread. Users mention that the green glow appears on the screen only when the display refresh rate is set to 120 Hz.

This is fairly similar to the green glow issue spotted on the Galaxy S20 Ultra which was fixed fairly quickly by Samsung. The issue may be more complex here though, as OnePlus is yet to acknowledge it officially. When a user contacted OnePlus customer support, the response from the company was that this is considered normal with AMOLED panels. The standard OnePlus 8 appears to be immune to this bug since its refresh rate is capped to 90 Hz.

The temporary solution right now is to lower the display refresh rate until OnePlus comes up with a permanent fix for the bug. While some users appear to have some luck by using the onboard DC dimming feature, this could potentially cause “black crush”, thus quantifying your concerns. Given that the OnePlus 8 Pro is not even a couple of weeks old in the market, the company would probably want to get on this issue quickly to avoid any bad press.

The OnePlus 8 lineup is currently available in the U.S. while only the Pro version supports 5G by default. OnePlus clarified that the 8 Pro will make use of sub-600 MHz 5G tech and not mmWave which is considered to be significantly faster.

Source: OnePlus Forums

Via: Android Central

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