create new youtube playlist galaxy s20

How to Create a New YouTube Playlist on Galaxy S20

This post will teach you how to organize your YouTube videos using playlists. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a new YouTube Playlist on the Galaxy S20 handset. YouTube offers a number of significant tools for users to take advantage of and Playlists are among them. With YouTube Playlists, you can make your

share skype profile on galaxy s20

How to Share your Skype Profile on Galaxy S20

New on Skype for Android and need some more input on how to make use of the app’s important features? If you’re using Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship smartphone, particularly the Galaxy S20 and need help in the process, I’ve laid out a quick guide that demonstrates one of the essential features of Skype that you

view skype profile URL on galaxy s20

How to view your Skype Profile URL on Galaxy S20

If you’re wondering how your Skype profile appears when searched and viewed by other people, you can see it through your profile URL on Skype. In this quick guide, I will demonstrate the entire process of accessing the menu on Skype for Android that contains the link or URL of your profile. Here’s how to

make skype echo free test call galaxy s20

How to Start or Make Skype Echo Free Test Call on Galaxy S20

Skype has a built-in feature that’s mainly designed for audio testing. And it’s called the Echo/Sound Test Service, also known as echo123. If you’re wondering how to activate and use this tool on your new Samsung smartphone, I’ve laid out an easy guide for your reference. Here’s how you start or make Skype Echo Free

add change phone number on skype galaxy s20

How to Add New Phone Number on Galaxy S20 Skype App

The phone number on your Skype account is the same number that will be used for other people to reach you on Skype. Thus, keeping your phone number up to date on Skype is imperative. If you need help changing the phone number on your Skype account and you own a Galaxy S20, then this

change galaxy s20 google drive theme

How to Change Google Drive Theme on Galaxy S20 [Dark Mode]

Many people would prefer a dark interface when it comes to using mobile devices as it improves visibility, especially to those with visual problems like low vision or bright light sensitivity. In this guide, I will walk you through activating Google’s dark mode on the Galaxy S20 Drive app. Here’s how to change Google Drive

clear google drive cache galaxy s20

How to Clear Google Drive Cache on Galaxy S20

Wondering why Google Drive is suddenly acting up or not working on your new Galaxy S20 handset? If so, then clearing the app’s cache might help. Here’s a quick guide on how to clear Google Drive cache on Galaxy S20. These files play a vital role when the app is used offline. For example, cached

galaxy a50 keeps dropping wi-fi connection

Galaxy A50 Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi Connection After Android 10

Some units of the Galaxy A50 keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection shortly after the Android 10 update, although some owners reported that the connection still works well before the problem occurs. The drops reportedly occur several times a day, which is apparently very annoying as it affects how owners use the phone.  But based on our

galaxy s20 can't make calls

Galaxy S20 Can’t Receive Calls? Here’s The Fix!

There are some of our readers who contacted us because their Galaxy S20 can’t receive calls. This problem isn’t really new. In fact, we have encountered so many complaints before about this specific issue. But don’t worry, if you have a problem like this, it’s often pretty minor that you may be able to fix

galaxy s20 became sluggish

My Galaxy S20 Became Sluggish. Here’s The Fix!

Some owners reported that their Galaxy S20 became sluggish all of a sudden. There were those who claimed the problem started after a minor update, while others said that it just happened without apparent reason.  Whatever the reason why your Galaxy S20 became sluggish, you just don’t have to worry so much about it because

messenger keeps crashing on galaxy s20

Messenger Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S20. Here’s The Fix!

When Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S20, most of the time, the problem is with the app, considering the fact that it’s a third-party application. There are also instances wherein a firmware issue can cause apps to crash but you don’t have to worry because either way, you can

manually change galaxy s20 network mode

How to Manually Configure or Change Galaxy S20 Network Mode

Need help forcing your Galaxy S20 to switch to other network modes? If that is so, then this post might be able to help you. Here’s a quick walk-through on how to manually configure or change the Galaxy S20 network mode. Every mobile phone supports different network modes. The new Samsung galaxy s20 devices for

galaxy s20 won't connect to wi-fi solution

What To Do If Galaxy S20 Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi Network

Just because your Galaxy S20 won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network doesn’t mean it already has a problem. Perhaps, the issue is with your router or network. That’s the reason why you have to take a little time troubleshooting your phone because you may be able to fix the problem by doing some simple procedures. 

galaxy s20 is frozen

My Galaxy S20 Is Frozen. Here’s How To Reset It!

Some users reported that their Galaxy S20 is frozen and would no longer respond. Some units are frozen on a certain app while others are stuck on a black screen. Such a problem reportedly started after a minor update, although there were users who claimed the issue started on its own without apparent reason or

galaxy s20 screen flickering issue solution

Galaxy S20 Screen Flickering. Here’s The Fix!

The screen flickering issue may occur even to high-end devices like the Galaxy S20. In fact, some of our readers that own this device already reported about such an issue. If the screen starts to flicker, it can be a sign of a hardware problem, but there’s always a possibility that it’s just due to

create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar

How to Create a Reminder with Galaxy S20 Calendar

Regardless of how organized a person is, there’s always a time when he or she forgets about a thing or two. This is especially true among individuals having a hectic schedule. Thankfully, new smartphones are already programmed to address this concern. Such is made possible with the integration of pertinent applications like the Calendar app.

activate galaxy s20 blue light filter

How to Activate Galaxy S20 Blue Light Filter

Wondering how to shield your eyes from the harmful radiation caused by prolonged use of smartphones? If you’ve got a Galaxy S20 and wanted to know how to make it have an eye-friendly display, then this post is for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to activate the Galaxy S20 Blue Light Filter to

reset access point names apn settings galaxy s20

How to Reset Access Point Names (APN) Settings on Galaxy S20

Need help restoring the default APN settings on your new Samsung smartphone? I’ve created a quick guide for you to follow. Here’s how you reset the Access Point Name (APN) settings on the Galaxy S20. APN or Access Point Name refers to the settings that a smartphone reads and utilizes to set up a gateway