Leak Suggests the Galaxy S11 Will Have a 120 Hz Display

With the Galaxy Note 10 barely a few months old in the market, we’re already hearing about next year’s flagship, the Galaxy S11. According to a leak by Twitter source @IceUniverse, the Galaxy S11 will feature a display refresh rate of 120 Hz. The revelation was reportedly made by the Chinese build of One UI Beta 2.0 update sent out to Galaxy Note 9 units. The leak comes in the form of a screenshot that shows three settings for the display, including a mode that can automatically switch between 120 Hz and 60 Hz.

For those unaware, an improved refresh rate means the user interface can be significantly improved and enhanced as Samsung sees fit. However, this has only appeared on a beta version of One UI 2.0. So it’s very likely that this is something that Samsung is testing right now. But given the direction that the industry is heading in, it’s a fair estimate to make that the Galaxy S11 will pack a 120 Hz display.

It must be noted that the Galaxy S11 won’t be the first to have such a display. Earlier this year, the Razer Phone 2 was unveiled with a 120 Hz display, offering enhanced media and gaming performance. Manufacturers like OnePlus and Google have also bumped the display refresh rates on their most recent flagships to 90 Hz, which may be considered old news if 120 Hz displays become mainstream in 2024. A recent report mentioned that the Galaxy S11 will also offer advanced camera features including 8K video recording, so the company could be gearing up for something big in early 2020.

As of now, there’s hardly anything we know about the Galaxy S11 barring what we’ve come across via rumors and leaks. But we should have more information over the coming weeks.

Source: @UniverseIce


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