How to Import and Export Contacts on Galaxy S20

Exporting and importing are usually needed when transferring contacts from one phone to another. While file transfer apps are already available, using the built-in import/export functions on a smartphone is still deemed more reliable. In this quick guide, I will teach you how to import and export contacts on Galaxy S20, manually through its built-in export and import commands. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Exporting contacts is an efficient method to back up contact information from your device. These files can be restored anytime when needed. Exporting individual contacts is also a great way of sharing your contact number or email information with other people you trust. All you have to do is to share the VCF file containing your contact information to them and once they receive the file, they open it and save it to their phone book.

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If you need to retrieve your contacts from your Google or Samsung account from another device to your new Samsung galaxy s20 handset, importing contacts would be the solution. It’s one of the quickest ways of transferring contact information between devices. And here’s how to utilize these file sharing features on your new Samsung smartphone.

Easy steps to Import and Export Contacts on Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 10 minutes

The following are standard steps to import and export contacts on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Screenshots are also provided to serve as visual representation depicting individual procedures. These are intended to help newbies undergo seamless screen navigation.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen.

    Doing so will let you view the Apps screen. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - open apps screen

  2. From the Apps screen, tap Contacts.

    The Contacts app will launch with a list of all saved contacts on your phone. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - open contacts app

  3. Tap the Quick Menu or Navigation icon on the right side.

    This icon is represented by three horizontal lines. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - quick menu icon

  4. Scroll down and tap Manage contacts from the given options.

    Options to manage contact information will then be displayed. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - manage contacts

  5. Select the option to Import or export contacts.

    Doing so will pull up a relevant menu where you can find commands to Import and Export contact. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - import or export contacts option

  6. Tap the Import button.

    This command will trigger the device to import vCard files (VCF) from your phone. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - tap import

  7. On the Import contacts screen, specify the target device or tap Internal Storage to import the file to your phone’s internal memory. If prompted, tap Allow to grant permission for the Contacts app to access files on your device.Then specify the target location. After specifying the storage location, tap the Import button at the bottom.

    You can also select a specific directory or account where to save the selected vCard file of the imported contact. Among the options are Samsung account, Phone and Google.  Doing so will confirm the command and instigate importation of the vCard file. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - import contacts

  8. To export contacts, tap the Export button.

    The Export contacts screen will then show up. In here you can select where to export your contact information to.You can export the file to your phone’s internal storage or other available storage location. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - tap export

  9. Select the contacts to export then specify the target location. To continue with this guide, let’s select Internal storage.

    The contact information (converted to a .vcf) will be exported to your phone’s internal storage. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - select contacts to import then specify target location

  10. Tap Export to start exporting the file.

    On the next screen, you will get a confirmation message saying that the contact(s) has been exported to the specified location. Just tap OK to exit and go back to the main import/export contacts screen. import export contacts on galaxy s20 - confirm export

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Plus

Contacts can be exported from the SIM card or internal storage of your phone. However, only the phone numbers and names from your phone will be transferred to the SIM card in this process. 

When exporting contacts to an SD card or memory card, make sure that the SD/memory card is inserted. Otherwise, you will encounter an error.

To include all contact details such as phone numbers, names, addresses, email addresses and other information in the transfer, importing them to your phone storage, Google or Samsung accounts would be a better option.

In case you will have trouble importing contacts from your Google account, make sure you haven’t exceeded the limit number of contacts to import and that is 25,000. You can import more than 3000 contacts simultaneously though. If you are trying to import over 3000 contacts, try to divide them into several CSV files before importing. These contacts must be saved as vCard or CSV file.

And that covers everything in this guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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