i12 vs i10 TWS Best AirPods Clone

If you have ever searched for the Apple AirPods online, it’s very likely that you have also encountered a bunch of clones that are sold at a much lesser price. While these AirPods clones may not offer the same performance as the real deal, it’s still a viable alternative for conventional Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, these earbuds are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, barring the Apple-exclusive features, of course.

Some manufacturers even try to mimic the charging case that Apple offers with the AirPods, bringing it so much closer to the real deal. There are two popular AirPods clones in the market today, the i12 vs i10 TWS. We take a closer look at both earbuds to ascertain which one has the advantage. While one might assume that the newer model is naturally the better, that’s not always the case. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at the two earbuds.

i12 vs i10 TWS Best AirPods Clone Comparison

i12 vs i10 TWS

1. i12 TWS


Starting off with the newest AirPods clone in the block, the i12 TWS is a stellar offering and improves significantly on the i10 in terms of size. It is also important to note that it weighs around 20 grams lesser than the i10, which is certainly an advantage worth having. Much like the AirPods, the i12 TWS comes with touch controls, allowing you to control the volume by simply tapping your finger on the earbuds.

The company has also put in some work into making the charging case look eerily similar to that of the Apple AirPods. This scores big points on our list, also because the battery life has been rated at 3.5 hours. While this is certainly not on par with the AirPods, the addition of the portable charging case certainly makes this manageable.  The i12 offers standby time of around 60 hours, which is pretty decent for wireless earbuds of this size. The charging case has a battery indicator inside the case, much like the AirPods, which is a nice touch.

As you would expect, this is also ideal for phone calls thanks to the dedicated microphone on board. It runs Bluetooth 5.0, offering you best in class range which the company rates at 10 meters. The charging case requires a standard lightning cable to charge, which is on par with the original AirPods.


Thanks to several discounts on promotions currently running online, the i12 TWS can be bought from Amazon right now. While some retailers are no longer selling the product, you can try your luck with retailers like GearBest. Considering the price tag, this AirPods clone is definitely going to be hard to beat.

i12 vs i10 TWS

2. i10 TWS


This is the earlier version of the AirPods clone, which means that it is lacking in some key areas. However, the i10 TWS is still a viable alternative to Apple’s premium earbuds, and is also sold for a fraction of the price. Although there isn’t a lot to differentiate in terms of design, we feel of the two earbuds here, the i12 TWS resembles the real deal more. This is primarily because the i12 is a newer product in the market. One major flaw with the i10 is that the left earbud doesn’t work on its own, which basically means it’s useless without its right earbud. So unless you prefer listening to music with just one ear, the i10 shouldn’t trouble you too much.

Further, the battery life of the i10 TWS is rated at 3 hours. This is a good 30 minutes lesser than the i12 TWS. However, during real world usage, it seems like the i10 TWS can easily manage to run for 3.5 hours. This is despite the i10 packing a smaller battery. But with that being said, the fact that it also comes with a rechargeable case somewhat nullifies the battery issue. However, users have to remember to juice up the AirPods charging case beforehand. Talking about the charging case, there are charging indicator LEDs on the front, while there are decorative LEDs inside the case as well. The fact that you can see the battery status on the front is very convenient for the users, however, Apple displays charging indicators inside the case. At around 100 grams, the earbuds are slightly heavier than the i12 TWS, which might play a role during prolonged usage.

As the i10 TWS stands, it’s a pretty decent set of earbuds, and a viable alternative to the Apple AirPods. The audio quality is quite decent, although it is remarkably better on the i12 TWS. As far as the charging case is concerned, there is no Lightning cable support here, sticking instead to USB C. This perhaps is one of the biggest negatives of this particular model. Of course, this isn’t particularly a concern if you have USB C compatible devices at home.


Strangely, the company has managed to price this slightly higher than the i12 TWS in the market. You can buy it across multiple online retailers. This is slightly unwise of the company, as older products should usually sell for cheaper to help clear out stocks.

i12 vs i10 TWS Best AirPods Clone Comparison Conclusion

As you read in detail, there are multiple benefits to each earbuds mentioned here. However, there is very little to distinguish between the two in terms of design or even performance to some extent. The i12 TWS will probably last a while longer than the i10 TWS, while the i10 TWS has a better designed charging case. In terms of design, the i10 appears to be more in line with the original AirPods than the i12 TWS, which is quite interesting. Since pricing is not a determinant here, you would be hard pressed not to go with the i12 TWS. It is cheaper, it has the addition of a few new features, and it can last longer on a single charge. Taking these factors into account, it will be really hard for any consumer to pick the i10 TWS over the i12 TWS.

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