8 Best Fake AirPod Clones in 2024

People are often confused when it comes to the best fake airpods in the market. This Bluetooth earbuds are fancied by some of the best athletes and people who prefer handless headphones. The earbuds are special airpods that are known to come with wireless functions such as a good touch control and easy connectivity. A true wireless earbuds has most of these qualities and more. This review looks to explore some of the best wireless other wise known as fake airpods in the market.

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Best Fake Airpods Clones in 2024

We have search far and wide to dig out some of the best wireless earbuds that work well in different conditions. If you need a real airpod, you can pick any pair of these which comes at a comfortable price range. They are known to offer 1 2 3 4 5 hours of playtime and more talk time. This means that you have the wireless earbuds that can accompany you for a marathon contest. Without minding the price tag of this pair, which is considerable lower, you can pick any one of this deices which are far from knockoff airpods but the real thing.




1). The Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds

For us this pair of Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds is simply the most excellent value option when it comes to wireless earphones. Thanks to solid features that comes with the earbuds. Users get a waterproof device that offers about 40 hours of playtime. This is one of the best fake airpods with a is USB C compatible connectivity. It comes with noise cancellation capability with four microphones.

If you end up buying Anker Life P2 earbuds you will get a world class device that comes with the following features. Users will get a handy charging case plus a USB-C cable when they buy the Anker soundcore. This device is highly recommended for all casual users, athletes, joggers, and sports-inclined people.

The device connects smoothly with any device. When you take out the earbuds from the case, you get to connect the 2 airpods automatically to either your tablet or your phone. The IPX7 rating ensures that the airpods is always waterproof, irrespective of prevailing weather conditions. We love the device which look like apple airpods because they come with about 40 hours of playtime after fast charging.

When charged fully, you can use the earbuds that look like apple airpods for 7 hours. Then again using the charging case of the earbuds usually extends this to a highest time of 40 hours. If you get a quick 10-minute charge, you will get an hour of usage with the 2 airpods. This cheap airpods is equipped with w1 chip Graphene drivers which are used to deliver exceptional left and right sound clarity, audio quality and accuracy.

This real airpod comes with the w1 chip BassUp feature which is a technology that enhances your bass sound gives by 43%. This real airpods also come with noise cancellation mechanisms to boost sound quality. There is a noise reduction technology which is used provides vocal improvement and cancellation of background sound. We love the good price of the device. The charging case enables wireless charging. The charging case makes the device a collector’s item.


  • The airpods has two microphones per earbud
  • These Anker Life P2 airpods work exclusively well for general users.
  • The airpods 2 fit the ears perfectly well in your ears and comes with has a long lasting battery life that can last from last you all day.
  • The airpods are durable and portable due to their wireless function.
  • Delivers an amazing sound profile that works well for all genres
  • The noise reduction capability can block out the surrounding noise
  • Good price point.


  • There are no available app support for the real airpods 2.
  • Comes with high latency.
  • These real airpods 2 are not produced for watching movies or playing games.
  • Does not have not have enough noise cancelling technology like the Apple Airpods.

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2). Huawei FreeBuds 3

This Huawei FreeBuds 3 will make you ignore your Airpods pro. These wireless earbuds seem to have the same physical features like that of the airpods pro. One thing that sets this wireless earbuds from the other best fake AirPods pro variants is the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology. This fake airpods comes with the open-fit category – which is the first in the world. It is important to note that the Apple airpods just added this to their airpods pro line.

While this Huawei FreeBuds cost almost the same amount as the Apple airpods pro, it is pretty essential to note that the sound quality that they both deliver are similar. These airpods may not be something that you buy on impulse, it will surely give you the performance that it promises to offer.

To know whether you will choose this Huawei airpods over any other best fake airpods, you will need to consider the following attributes of the airpods. The features of this airpods closely resembles that of the apple airpods, so you will want to closely compare both of them. We love the wireless charging feature of this device. Just like the apple airpods, this device supports wireless charging and usually charges automatically as it is being carried when it is inside the carrying case.

Apart from the wireless charging feature of the airpods 2, you will also get the noise reduction function. this means that you will be able to answer your calls free and clear from different high or low frequency noises or even in the midst of high winds. The airpods comes with MEMS microphones function which means that the two earbuds employ the noise reduction technology to get rid of background noise.

We love this pair of airpods because of their long battery life. For your battery life to be extended, the bluetooth of the device minimizes the use of power to minimize power consumption. This is then used to increase the battery life of the best fake airpods to give you more playing time. You basically get about 4 hours of playtime when you completely charge this best fake airpods device. On a full charge, you will also get about 2.5 hours of audio calls. People who decide to go for wireless charging by using it with the charging case, they might be able to get about 20 hours of music playback with additional and 12 hours of calls. We love the price point of the device.

Moving on from the wireless charging function of this best fake airpods, just like the tws airpods, this system comes with an excellent stereo experience. This means that the airpods come with a brilliant smart switching technology that is determined by the battery life and your period of use. This is used to give you an immersive listening experience. Furthermore, this pair of airpods comes with the IPX4 waterproof function which means that its water-resistant features keeps it from being damaged anytime it gets submerged in water.

The carrying case of this h1 chip airpods is shaped like the disc which comes with a flap that springs open when it powers up. Furthermore, the LED indicator is used to check the battery life of the airpods. This airpods supports both wireless charging and charging through USB-C.

One thing we love about this airpods is the active noise cancellation function which is its most distinctive and exceptional function and make you compare it with some of the best the apple airpods pro. The h1 chip airpods perfectly works with the app and allows you to fine-tune the settings of your ANC feature according to your environment.


  • Good audio noise cancellation function.
  • Good waterproof function.
  • Wireless charging is top class.
  • Comes with an excellent battery life.
  • Good replacement for the apple airpods pro.


  • The airpods do not have any buttons for physical control.
  • Zero isolation feature is created by the open-fit design.
  • Does does not reduce all noises.
  • The ANC consumes your battery life on activation.

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3). Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0

This Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0 will comes with different nice features that most people didn’t quite expect. However, this best fake airpods is among some of the most pocket-friendly options you can find in the market. This brand works well for people who have a constrained budget and need a handy and wireless charging headphones as a fitness enthusiast or a morning commuter. You will find this brand vs the suitable option for you without ever needing to spend much more than is necessary.

Considering the category of the price of the Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0, the best fake airpods comes with features that make you want to compare it to the pricier substitutes. Just like every wireless charging best fake airpods, this option with an excellent price comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating. The material is sweatproof to ensure that the airpods continues to work even in the presence of moisture. Due to the extended battery life of the airpods users generally get about 30 hours playtime with this airpods.

It comes with a mini charging case will work to completely charge the airpods your earbuds for about 1.5 hours. With this any users gets to make use of the device for 4-5 hours uninterrupted. Just like the apple airpods pro, this airpods comes with the seamless pairing which means that the device automatically charges if its is left right inside the carrying case. It usually then shuts off the time that it is done charging. Whenever you bring it out of the case, it comes on instantly and begins to establish connectivity with your device. This device is highly recommended for all casual users, athletes, joggers, and sports-inclined people.

We love the high fidelity sound of this device. It comes with the HD rendering plus a vibrating diaphragm (13mm) which is used to produce a powerful sound that comes with bass features). This function can be felt during when taking calls and playing music. This device comes with the          Bluetooth 5.0. system. This means that users get to use he most advanced Bluetooth and True Wireless System (TWS) technology. This TWS is needed for dependable connectivity, tws universal compatibility, and tws instant pairing. With the TWS system, you get to connect this airpods simultaneously to multiple devices that are compatible with the tws functioning.

Users who purchase this tws airpods get the USB cable. The Coolest features of this airpods are the TWS system and the noise reduction system. If you play your audio music, you will be thrilled with the amount of sound that it has managed to block out. The tws airpods can be used to block out such noises like voices from people around you, sound of passing, as well as music being played in a different speaker somewhere.

The TWS function and other features are excellent for such a cheap and small device. Due to the benefits of wireless charging, this fake airpods will be expected to charge very fast. To get a full charge, you only get to spend about 90 minutes. This then means that you can play your music or do any other thing for about 4 hours directly without ever needing to charge the device. With the in-built microphone, you can easily make calls while making use of the tws fake airpods. The function allows you to toggle between the mono mode and stereo mode which totally depends on your usage.

Users get the IPX5 function with this device which means that it is fully waterproof to deliver total protection against water. This tws fake airpods has the right specification to protect you in the case of excessive sweating during working out. This means that it is that perfect work out tws airpods for your routine fitness workouts.

In the final analysis, you would simply fall in love with the audio quality of this i12 tws fake airpods. It easily provides some of the most excellent and immersive experience with acceptable bass and crisp trebles on stereo mode.


  • Comes with an excellent reduction technology.


  • This i12 tws fake airpods come in only the white color.
  • The pairing buttons does not come with much use.
  • The earbuds does not come with any volume controls.
  • No option to turn off the noise reduction system.
  • The fake airpods easily blocks you out of the surrounding world.
  • The fake airpods slightly vibrate as the volume is turned up.
  • The fake airpods hardly stays put when attached to the ears.

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4). AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds

One thing about this airpods is that it comes with a complete wireless function. Its touch controls is amazing and offers several other useful benefits like a charging box, wireless charging case and more. The fake airpod comes with 14mm dynamic speakers. The sound quality of the speakers are unrivalled with jaw-dropping clarity and very high-resolution sound. We love this product because just like the airpods 2 and i12 tws it comes with dual HD mic.

Users also get the CVC 8.0 noise reduction function which is peculiar to the i12 tws. Users also get true stereo calls when they purchase the product. We love the fact that this device comes with a dual HD mic system that helps to enhance the quality of the calls that we make. It does this by reducing several unwanted and external noises.

You get to reduce or filter any background or unwanted noise that ensure that the quality of your calls is improved. The charging box provides a complete charging for a full day to the earpieces. Users generally get a total playtime of between 4 and 6 hours with a single charge.

Furthermore, when used with the case, the battery provides an extra 18 hours of charge along with the case. The product comes with a compact charging box. Moreover, we love the simplistic and effective touch controls of this product. The touch controls comes with a single touch function that makes it responsive to lots of functions like like pause/play music, previous/next call, hang up/answer call, for activating Siri, etc.


  • The devices come in a lightweight.
  • You can easily carry this original airpods clone about.
  • You get good quality microphones with original airpods clone.
  • Lovely led lights.
  • Good touch control


  • The playtime is not stated. 

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5). EDYELL IPX8 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

One thing we love about this device is the fact that it comes with a topnotch bluetooth technology. It also comes with a good touch control and the DSR lossless HD rendering technology. This is device is such a good alternative for headphones. It is among the cheap airpods on this list that is faster, more efficient and offers audio stability. This device comes with a great sound quality.

It is got a real battery charging case that is rated at 3500mAh. Thanks to its real battery rating, charging case offers a playtime of 120 about hours. Additionally, with the charging box of the device, users will get about twenty-five full charges of the earbuds in a single day.

Coming with such great sound, this is a good replacement for headphones any given time of the day. This is among the best airpods since it is compatible with a wide range of other devices and this wide compatibility stretches across all android and apple devices. Users will like the fact that this product comes with a waterproof and the sweat-proof feature makes it resistant to sweat during work out sessions.

Due to the sweat resistant system, this device is very suitable to be used for sports, the gym, and so on. This one of the best airpod pro clone because it comes with touch controls like buttons used for adjusting volumes, answering phone calls, switching over calls, and so on. We love both the stereo and mono modes of this device.


  • The device is both sweatproof and waterproof.
  • This device comes with a lightweight feature.
  • Comes with an excellent battery life.
  • Comes with v good noise cancellation feature.


  • The device is known to fall off the ears of some people.

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6). MOBLTEK True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

This fake airpods comes with a wireless ability that is next to none. user will fall in love with the Bluetooth version of 5.0. This i9000 tws device comes completely with a wireless function and is equipped with the Bluetooth for seamless connectivity with other devices. With this functionality, you need not rub, tap, bounce or wrap wires around your neck. We love the Bluetooth because it is a source of fast and stable connectivity for lots of wireless tasks.

Typically, like airpods pro products, this one offers a Hi-Fi sound. You will also be thrilled to know that it comes with a longer playtime. One of the most amazing features of this i9000 tws device is its sound quality and the fact that it offers low energy consumption. If you buy this product, you will typically get a playtime of three hours, while you get to talk for as much as four hours. A person who buys this product will see that it offers enough playtime and allows you to talk for a longer time with just one single charge.

We love this product because its case is able to work for as much as 24 hours with just one charge. Then again this product comes with a case that enables it to charge up your earbuds for about seven times in one day. People get to enjoy all of their favorite music by just charging them for a single day.

Just like the airpods pro product, this one comes ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the user’s ears. The product comes with such a lightweight material that makes wearing them for a long time possible without the user getting to feel uncomfortable. This device is highly recommended for all casual users, athletes, joggers, and sports-inclined people.

Just like the airpods pro, this product works well with a wide range of other devices that come with their own Bluetooth functionality. The product weights a mere 0.64 ounces. It also comes with the beautiful noise cancellation system. We also love the microphone of this product.

also very good.


  • We love the noise cancellation system of the earbuds.
  • Good sound quality and touch controls allows you to focus on your task.
  • Comes with a pretty nice microphone quality.
  • The lightweight of this product makes it easy to wear.


  • We do not like the battery life of this product.
  • After playing just three songs, users get a low battery.

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7). Ownta Wireless Bluetooth best fake airpods

Instead of going on to buy fake airpods you could instead pick up this wireless Bluetooth earbud. This is a wireless version of headphones and comes with the ability to pair with all other wireless devices. Its wireless connectivity is active within an active distance of about 33 feet. You also get a playtime of between 7 and 8 hours with jus a single charge.

Users will love the bass of this system. The device is also known to come with both a comfortable and very nice design. It comes with a weight of about 2.4 ounces.


  • The device comes with a pretty comfortable design. 
  • We love the wireless function of the product.
  • The device is fully packed with the EDR technology.


  • The device is a heavy device.

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8). Rademax Bluetooth Earbuds best fake airpods

Users will certainly like this option that looks like the airpod pro. It comes with a definite satisfaction to the user. This headphones comes with an excellent design that we consider among the best in this review. We love the wireless connectivity of this device. We love the excellent bass sound that this device produces. the sound is still super-clear to the user.

We love the design of this device and it is ergonomically designed to produce the best performance. It comes with a real battery capacity of 600mAh. This battery is made with lithium. It comes with a total playtime of between 2 and 3 hours. However, this playtime is achieved when the volume of the music is left at 50 – 70%.

Just like the airpods pro clone this device comes with a portable case for charging. Just like the airpods pro clone the battery case comes with a fully rated capacity. This device that looks like the airpod pro comes with the ability to charge the device six times over. Moreover, we fell in love with both the size and lightweight of this device.

Due to the design of this design, users get to wear it for such a long time and there will be no such discomfort in the ear. This device is suitable for use for sports or in the gym due to its anti-sweat feature.


  • We love the comfortable design of the device.
  • We also love the easy connection of this device that resembles the airpod pro.
  • This device comes with a bass of excellent quality.


  • Known to produce echoes.

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