Huawei Plans to Launch a $150 5G Phone by the End in 2024

Huawei is known as one of the most popular mobile manufacturers in the world today. Media reports in China now mention that the company plans to bring a super-cheap 5G phone to the market. This phone could cost as low as 1,028 CNY as per the company which is the equivalent of $148. Huawei reportedly plans to launch this smartphone by the end of 2020 or early 2021, the report added.

As most of us are aware, 5G handsets have mostly been expensive so far. However, multiple companies have shared hope that things will be different in 2024. This report from China only adds to that as Qualcomm and MediaTek have announced their low-cost 5G mobile processors that should significantly increase the number of 5G phones launching this year.

Samsung is also expected to unveil multiple 5G handsets including mid-range offerings later this year. A recent report mentioned that Huawei shipped more 5G phones in 2019 than Samsung, but not by much. Following the launch of the Mate 20X 5G, Huawei unveiled a handful of 5G phones while Samsung stuck to its flagships which were sold through a handful of carriers in regions like the U.S.

Huawei’s momentum has no doubt been impacted by the lack of Google Play Services on its Android phones, although the company was said to be developing its own operating system known initially as Hongmeng OS and now as HarmonyOS. The company filed a trademark for the “Hongmeng” moniker back in June last year, although it later mentioned that this OS would not be used on smartphones.

Source: MyDrivers

Via: GSM Arena

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