HTC Will Reportedly Launch a 5G Smartphone in 2022

  • HTC is reportedly making a comeback this year as per company CEO Yves Maitre.
  • Maitre mentioned that HTC will launch a 5G equipped smartphone in 2022.
  • However, he failed to provide further details on the smartphone or its launch timeline.
  • HTC’s last phone was the Desire 19s which was launched in limited markets back in November last year.

While most would have pegged HTC to be down and out by now, it seems like the company still has a smartphone or two up its sleeve. HTC’s new CEO, Yves Maitre, spoke in an interview recently where he mentioned that the company was planning to release a 5G smartphone sometime in 2022.

Unfortunately, Maitre failed to go into further details about the handset but this tells us that HTC has some plans for the future. HTC introduced a 5G smart hub in mid-2019, so it does appear to have some experience with the technology.

If the company does end up launching a 5G smartphone this year, it will likely be equipped by the Snapdragon 865 SoC under the hood, which is powering most 5G phones in 2022, including the already announced Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Sony Xperia 1 II.

HTC’s last phone was the Desire 19s which was unveiled only in a few markets back in November 2019. While HTC has been relatively quiet in the mobile industry as of late, it seems like the company finally has a plan in place to make a big comeback with a 5G flagship. However, the company’s timing will be crucial as there are multiple offerings currently available in the market that already offer features like 5G as well as great cameras.

What do you make of an HTC comeback in the mobile industry?

Source: UDN

Via: XDA Developers

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