HTC One: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers & Workarounds [Part 1]

UPDATE: We just published the second part of this series. HTC One: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers & Workarounds [Part 2].

This is the first part of our HTC One Problems and Solutions series and there would be more of this to follow. While the phone is not as popular as the other dominating smartphones in the market today, there are still millions of owners out there who needed our support.

If you’re an HTC One owners and currently experiencing some issues that you don’t know how to fix, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and we will find solutions for you. For now, browse through the problems mentioned in this post and if you don’t want to miss out on our updates, subscribe to our newsletter so we could deliver updates to you through your email for free. Now, here are 10 common problems reported by HTC One owners:

Change notification bar font color

Question: I know this is not really a problem but I hope you guys have some ideas how to change the font color of the notification bar because it is impossible to read them whenever I’m using a white or light background. I don’t know if you noticed that HTC One notification bar is not really solid black so when I use white color, it will also turn light and it’s impossible to read the time or see the icons. Any workaround guys?Chloe

Answer: Yes, HTC One’s notification bar is transparent. Personally, I love having a transparent notification bar but the downside of HTC Sense’s notification bar is that the font won’t change to something darker when the background is light. However, you need to have your One rooted for you to be able to make the notification bar darker. One workaround is to edit the picture you use as background and draw a solid black line about the size of the notification bar.

‘Other’ taking up 14GB of storage

Question: I just got my HTC One phone about 4 days ago. I installed a few apps and a couple of popular games in it. It’s a 32GB variant and I was intrigued by the folder named ‘Other’ because it’s taking up 14GB of my storage. I mean, this is a new phone and there’s no way I could use up that kind of storage in less than a week. Do you have any ideas what this ‘Other’ folder is?Kent

Answer: In HTC One, ‘Other’ folder is where the operating system and default apps are installed or stored. Therefore, it is expected it would take up a generous amount of space even if the phone is still new. But the thing is, the size of the OS and default apps on HTC One could only reach up to 7GB at most. In your case, it seems like everything is doubled.

Unfortunately, we cannot really inspect what’s in that directory because while you can view how much space it’s eating up, you really cannot open it up.

Okay, your phone is new and you probably don’t have a lot of data in it, so as early as now, I would like you to do a factory reset. After doing that, don’t install anything else but try to see if you could still see 14GB for the ‘Other’ folder. If so, visit your service provider, have it checked or replaced.

Music app stops playing

Question: It’s kinda weird but just recently I started to notice that the music on my HTC One stops about 15 to 20 minutes of play and I mean all apps I’ve used including Google Play. But I also noticed it happens only when I’m using my headphones. I do listen to music all the time and 95% of the times I use headphones so this is really a very annoying problem. Can you guys help me with this?Pete

Answer: Majority of Android smartphones would stop playing once the headset is unplugged while playing. I think your headphones has a continuity problem; it means that the line or the wire may have some kind of a break somewhere and every time it’s cut off, the phone may interpret it as when the headphones are unplugged. Another possibility is that the headphone jack or the receptor may have loose contact and every time the contact is interrupted, the same thing happens. It may sound a little extreme but that happens to me.

But try clearing the cache and data of the music app you’re using and see if that helps. Otherwise, a factory reset may be need for as long as it’s not a hardware or accessory problem because if it’s the case, there’s no other option but to bring your phone back to the store and have it checked or replaced.

Heating up extremely, battery life is bad

Question: My HTC One is 5 months old and just recently, it started to heat up extremely. I’ve been using this phone every single day since I bought it and I know the normal amount of heat it generates when used for hours straight. So, I know exactly that the heat it generates now is not usual because it could almost burn your palm.

Aside from that, the battery life seems to have deteriorated extremely. I understand batteries would deteriorate over time but 5 months? No way! I need to charge my phone about 2 hours or so and considering the size of its battery, I just know it’s not right. Besides, I can use it robustly more than 12 hours before but now I have to bring my charger with me every time. Please help. What should I do?Lucy

Answer: I couldn’t agree more. HTC One has a more than decent battery and considering the stability of the phone and HTC Sense, having to charge the phone every 2 or 3 hours is just not normal. But it seems to me that it is more of a battery problem than anything else. However, you need to run some basic tests on the phone before you actually buy a new battery pack or bring it to a technician. Here’s a list of what you can do:

  • Do a factory reset (backup your data first).
  • Wipe cache partition after the reset.
  • Calibrated the battery.
  • Turn power-saving mode.
  • Run battery test using HTC’s battery diagnostic tool. (dial *#*#3424#*#* on your phone)

I hope this helps. If the problem still persists, have it checked by authorized technicians.

No SIM Card error

Question: I don’t know what happened to my HTC One but yesterday it started showing the No SIM card error message and whatever I do, I just can’t fix it. Do you have some suggestions on how to address this kind of problem?Jaz

Answer: If you’re in the U.S., SIM cards are actually married to a phone and are non-transferrable. In the case of HTC One, which has non-removable back panel, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, I suggest you call your service provider, have the representative check the status of the SIM card. You might be advised to visit the store to have the phone check or the SIM card replaced.

More often, when the No SIM card error shows up, it could be two things; first, the SIM card is fried and is already unusable or, second, it has been deactivated. Either way you need to call your service provider and either way, the SIM card maybe replaced.

If you’re in a country where SIM cards are transferrable, well, all you need to do is check if the SIM card is well set. If that doesn’t solve the problem, request for a new SIM from your service provider (if you’re a postpaid customer) or perhaps buy a new and request to have your old number if you like.

Bluetooth headset sound is horrible

Question: Have you experienced hearing some kind of a hollow music while using your HTC One? I have a Plantronics Legend headset which I have been using with my previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy S2. I just got my HTC One and the sound is really horrible. But when I use the same headset with my wife’s iPhone, the sound is perfect. Do you guys have some idea why this happens?Brandon

Answer: I think it was last year when I read about the Bluetooth stack having been rewritten to support multiple logins in Android. During this time, almost all smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity experienced problems of all sort and audio issues were included. It was, however, addressed almost immediately.

In this case, our reader explicitly said the BT headset works perfectly with his wife’s iPhone so we could assume it’s not about the BT device but with the phone. Whether or not it is a software or a hardware issue, we don’t really know. The best thing you could do if this happens is do a factory reset to bring the phone back to its original settings and pair the BT device. If the sound is still horrible, try updating the phone to the latest update if there’s one available. Otherwise, bring the phone to a technician and have it checked.

Blinkfeed loads very slow

Question: I have a very fast internet connection, however, when I select a tile on Blinkfeed to read an article, it would take so long for the article to load fully. This, however, happens only when the first article is selected, other articles load instantaneously. What should I do to fix this?Christine

Answer: It is specifically a Blinkfeed issue so the first thing you have to do is clear the app’s cache and data. It could be found under Settings in Blinkfeed interface itself or in the app section in Settings. I don’t know if this problem happens all the time but there are of course articles that take a lot of time to load.

Another thing you could to do make Blinkfeed faster is to disable Google+. Go to Topics & Services > uncheck Google+ > refresh your Blinkfeed. I hope this is helpful.

HTC One shuts down automatically

Question: Help me, I can’t use my phone. I have an HTC One and yesterday it just went out for some reason. When I press the power button, it won’t do a thing. The phone just won’t turn on. Is this a common problem with HTC phones? It is very disappointing because I bought this phone brand new during the time when I have so little money in my pocket but now, it’s giving up on me. Is there a way to fix this? How? Thanks.Clark

Answer: I know there were some owners who have experienced this kind of problem but it’s not really a common one. For this, try pressing and holding both the Power button and the Volume Up key to see if the phone would boot up even in recovery mode. If that doesn’t help, plug the phone to the charger and charge it for at least 10 minutes then press the power button again. There is always a possibility that this is some kind of a software problem. But if everything won’t work, it’s time you called HTC and have the phone replaced.

Battery drains faster to 90%

Question: I notice that my phone’s battery would drain faster from 100% to 90% but from 90% it would drain slower. Do I have to worry about it? Is it a problem with the phone or the battery? Please advise. Thanks. Lionel

Answer: Weird, huh?! I’m not sure if you’ve done some tests just to know if the phone drains its battery faster when it has above 90% power in it. Of course, it is always possible like that because the use of apps or the number of apps running is a contributing factor. But there are also times when the phone displays it’s already ‘Charged’ but in reality it’s not. So, basically, the phone will drain the battery faster. Another factor is the condition and output of the charger. But then again, we will be left speculating and guessing as to why this issue happens if no test is conducted.

Taking forever to charge

Question: When I first bought the phone, HTC One, it would take just about an hour or two before the battery is fully-charged. But since a couple of weeks ago, overnight charging isn’t enough to fully-charge the battery. Do you have any ideas why this problem happens? Help me, please.Karen

Answer: A quick search online would reveal you’re not the only one experiencing this problem. It seems like the charging unit is the first one to deteriorate after months of use. The original charger of HTC One has 1A output. When this power output goes down, the charging time would be affected dramatically or won’t charge at all. If this happens, buy a new charger or you could use a charger with 1A output or even higher. Samsung chargers often come with 2A power output so you could use that to make the charging way faster than the original charger.

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