HTC might be back, shows great revenue numbers for June

It’s no secret that HTC has been going through financial troubles for years now. But now, HTC might be turning the tide, after posting some seriously impressive revenue numbers for June.

When Android first launched as a mobile platform, HTC held the title as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world; however, manufacturers like Samsung and LG quickly took that title away from the Taiwanese-based company.

Not to mention that HTC has had to put up with independent brands like OnePlus as well. Since then, the world has essentially been waiting for HTC to go under, but last month’s June numbers might indicate that HTC is on the up and up.

In May, HTC posted revenue of $24 million. June’s numbers was actually a 100% increase over May, bringing in nearly $47 million in revenue.

These numbers are really good, but not anywhere near the kind of numbers that manufacturers like Samsung are showing. However, it’s much better than HTC has been doing, and could indicate forward momentum.

That said, we’re not sure what HTC’s plans are for the future, or what they plan to change and diversify to keep this upward momentum.

source: Notebook Check

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