How To Setup Galaxy S10 WiFi Calling The Easy Way

WiFi calling is a feature that allows you to make calls over a WiFi network instead of your carrier’s network connection. This can be useful if you find yourself in an area where there is a poor carrier coverage such as in the countryside. The major US carriers such as  T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint now have WiFi calling support on most Android phone models. If you want to know how to setup Galaxy S10 WiFi calling then you have come to the right place as we will be showing you the easy way to do this.

Setting up WiFi calling on your Galaxy S10

It’s quite easy to turn on the WiFi calling setting of your phone by following the steps listed below.

  • Make sure to turn on Wi-Fi.
  • From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Phone icon.
  • Tap the Keypad tab, then tap Menu > Settings.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi calling switch on

Even with this switch turned on this does not guarantee that you will be able to immediately use this feature since most carriers will need certain requirements to be met.


For AT&T subscribers this feature is turned on as part of the activation process. You will need a WiFi Internet connection and a postpaid AT&T wireless account provisioned with HD Voice.

  • A WiFi internet connection
  • A compatible AT&T wireless phone suhc as the Galaxy S10 or AT&T PREPAID phone with Wi-Fi turned on and an eligible plan
  • An AT&T wireless or AT&T PREPAIDSM account set up for HD Voice

When a cellular network is not available the phone will switch to WiFi for calls and texts. You will know that you are using this feature when you see a plus sign (+)  next to the Wi-Fi icon on your phone’s status bar. On Android phones, you’ll also see a Wi-Fi icon on the Start call and End call buttons, and on the active call status indicator. Wi-Fi Calling does ot support calls to 211, 311, 511, and 811.

When you use this feature you will be  billed based on the number you call no matter whether you’re using WiFi at home or while traveling abroad. Calls to U.S. numbers can be made at no additional charge. Calls to international numbers are billed at your international long distance rates. If you’re traveling abroad, this includes calls to the country you’re in. Calls to premium numbers such as 411 are billed at standard premium rates.


Before you can use WiFi Calling on the T-Mobile network you need to set up an E911 address on your account in case your location doesn’t show up automatically to a 911 dispatcher. You will also need an active account as well as a WiFi internet with a minimum speed of 2Mbps for upload and download.

If you have an unlimited plan then any incoming calls and incoming text messages have no fees. Any outgoing calls and messages that you make to U.S. phone numbers don’t have fees. If you have a plan without unlimited, calls and messages count against your plan limits.


To activate Wi-Fi Calling, you must activate HD Voice on your Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphone first, then set up an address for use in the event of an emergency. HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling need to be activated while on the Verizon network to successfully register.

This feature is available at no additional charge, and is included in your existing monthly voice plan. Your Wi-Fi calls to US numbers, regardless of where you are located, are also free of charge.


WiFi Calling needs a valid registered location to be entered before you can use the service. The location information is verified against an address verification database. In some instances you may receive an Invalid Location error message.

If you have an unlimited plan then  this does not count against a cellular minute plan when calling to a US, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico number. International rates still apply for international numbers.

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