How To Fix Wifi Problems On Samsung Galaxy

Wifi connection problems rank among the top issues for Samsung Galaxy devices year in and year out. In this guide, we’ll show you how to address wifi issues by doing solutions that we find helpful in most cases.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems on Samsung Galaxy

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There are many factors that you must check in order to know how to go about fixing a certain wifi problem on a Samsung device. Follow our solutions below to see what you need to do.

  1. Verify your Samsung phone or tablet can connect to a different Wi-Fi.

    wifi networks
    If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet via wifi, it can due to an issue with the wifi network you’re on. Try to see if connecting to a different network will work. If internet is up on a different wifi network, that means that the first one may be having an issue.

    If that network is your home wifi, consider getting help from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so they can help you troubleshoot it.

    In case your Samsung device is also unable to connect to a second, known working wifi network, the problem may lie within the phone itself. You’ll have to troubleshoot the device further to fix it.

  2. Check the router.

    restart your router
    Some wifi issues may be due to an issue with the router. If you’ve already identified the source of the problem to be coming from the router side at this point, there are a number of simple steps that you want to do before calling your ISP. First, you want to make sure that you power cycle the router and all networking equipment connected to it.

    Simply unplug the devices from the power outlet for at least 12 seconds. This will allow the system to reboot and refresh itself. You’ll be surprised how effective this troubleshooting step is in clearing bugs in a network.

    If a power cycle won’t help, then go ahead and get help from your ISP. Keep in mind that your ISP is the company that supplies internet connection to your router and not the one on your phone (mobile data).

  3. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy.

    reboot 1

    Just as rebooting the router can be an effective way to fix its system, so is a phone restart. Make sure that your Samsung phone or tablet is also refreshed by restarting it.

  4. Refresh Wi-Fi connection.

    forget wifi

    Another effective method of fixing wifi troubles in Samsung Galaxy devices is by disconnecting and reconnecting. Some wifi issues can be easily fixed by this method. Be sure not to skip it.

    To forget a wifi network on your Samsung, simply go to Settings > Connections > Wifi > Cog icon (beside the wifi network your device is currently connected to) > Forget.

  5. Reset network settings.

    reset settings 1
    Wi-Fi issues may sometimes develop if your device has incorrect network configuration. This can happen after an update, a new app installation, or with a defective SIM card.

    To ensure that your phone or tablet has correct network settings, you can clear old network settings.

  6. Erase system cache.

    cache partition 3 scaled

    Major software updates may sometimes cause some devices to have problems. If you recently installed an Android or carrier update and wifi began acting up after that, there may be an issue with the cache partition.

    This cache is used by Android to do tasks quicker but it can sometimes become corrupted.

    To keep the system cache in good health, you can clear the cache partition where it’s stored.

  7. Fix Wi-Fi problems by updating apps and software on your Samsung.


    One of the simplest ways to prevent and sometimes fix known problems is by installing updates. There are two types of updates that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy.

    One is app updates and the other is software updates. Make sure that you install both types of updates whenever they become available.

  8. Consider the presence of bad apps.

    safe mode 2

    Some Samsung owners may unknowingly install a bad app to their device. If you noticed that there’s a wifi connection issue after you’ve added a new app, you can verify it by running the phone or tablet to safe mode.

    When on Safe Mode, all third party apps are greyed out and blocked from running by the system. This means that only the pre-installed apps that came with the software can be opened.

    If your Samsung runs normally without crashing or freezing on safe mode, you can assume that one of the third party apps is behind the trouble. Learn how to run your phone on Safe Mode in this post.

  9. Wipe device and return software to defaults.

    Delete all 2

    A factory reset may be necessary if the situation is still not resolved at this point. In our years of experience troubleshooting wifi issues, majority of the causes are software bugs and they are easily addressed by a factory reset.

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