How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy A20

Having some network-related issues such as no signal, slow WiFi connection and the likes can be irritating. But these problems can be rectified if you reset network settings on Samsung Galaxy A20. Find out how you can do this as you read further on this post. 

Did you experience when your smartphone loses data connection or the signal frequently? That is actually pretty normal when the device is experiencing some glitch related to the network settings. It could happen anytime of the day and it may occur without prior notice. 

A lot of people are facing these kinds of dilemmas, and they are wondering what’s the best remedy to cure it. Normally, these issues would fix on their own, as long as they are temporary. But if it occurs often, then there might be something wrong with the network configurations on the device. 

To rule out these network-related glitches on Samsung Galaxy A20, you may perform a reset network settings procedure. This process will delete all manually configured network settings to their default values and options. The good thing about this is that it won’t affect your personal files and data. 

Find out how you can reset network settings on Samsung Galaxy A20 below. If you are having some problems with your phone’s signal and other related services, make sure to contact your carrier provider prior to performing this process. There might be some server maintenance on their end that affects their service. 

Steps to Reset Network Settings on Galaxy A20: 

  1. Open the phone’s Settings app. 
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  1. Go to General Management and tap on it. 
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  1. Select Reset. 
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  1. Tap on Reset network settings. 
  1. Select Reset Settings. This will reset the WiFi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth connections
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Since the network settings like data roaming services are reverted to their default option, learn how you can enable the data roaming on your Samsung Galaxy A20 by clicking here

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