How to Perform Hard Reset on Poco M3 Pro

Need to deal with a stubborn issue on your Poco M3 Pro? Unable to perform a factory reset as settings are inaccessible? Try to perform a hard reset on Poco M3 Pro by following the steps provided as you read further. 

Getting problems as we use our devices is pretty normal nowadays. A lot of factors would affect how the smartphone would deliver its performance. Software glitches and system bugs are rampant and could interact with several functions. That could lead to a disastrous smartphone experience. 

Connectivity-related issues such as slow internet connection, or app-related problems such as crashing, could be hard to deal with. They might have been interacting with the software and causing them to become a stubborn glitch. 

Whenever we face problems on our smartphones, they can be fixed easily with simple procedures, such as a soft reset or a quick restart. However, there are issues that would keep on occurring as they have been able to get into the phone’s system. 

That’s why you might need an intervention with a stronger solution, such as performing a hard reset. This procedure works similarly like a factory reset, but instead of accessing the option through the phone’s Settings app, you will be needing a hardware or button combination to access it. 

A hard reset has been proven effective in dealing with those issues that are hard to terminate. But you have to keep in mind that this process will delete all of your personal information and the third-party apps installed on the Poco M3 Pro. Unless you have tried everything yet, this should be your last option. 

Here are the steps on how you can perform a hard reset on Poco M3 Pro. Feel free to follow them at your own discretion. 

Steps to Hard Reset a Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Turn Off the device. It is important that it is powered off as we need to access the recovery screen. 
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  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. 
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  1. Release both keys once you see the Recovery options on the screen. 
  1. Using the Volume button, highlight the Wipe Data option. 
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  1. Once it is highlighted, press the Power key to make the selection to Wipe All Data. 
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  1. Confirm the prompt using the Power key again and wait for the process to be completed. 

Once wiping data has been completed, select Reboot System Now to initiate a restart using the Power key. Then set up the device like a new one to use it again. Thank you for reading this post. 

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