How to Wipe App Cache on Poco M3 Pro

Experiencing some app problems on your Poco M3 Pro? Removing cache files might help in resolving those issues. Check out the process on how to wipe app cache on Poco M3 Pro by reading this post until the end. 

Apps crashing or apps that close on their own are just a few of the most commonly reported app issues on smartphones. This is true, especially to third-part applications installed as they are prone to incompatibility concerns. 

Aside from that, apps would also go rogue and erratic if their cache file system has been infected by bugs. As you might not know, caches are bits of information stored in the system. They can be data of photos or other information that can be used for future reference and they make the process faster. 

Since they are kept in the app’s system for a certain period of time, they can be easily destroyed by software glitches. Once that happens, it affects the app’s performance and would result in relevant symptoms to occur. 

That is why it is recommended to wipe app cache regularly to avoid app-related problems. Doing so will also provide a smoother phone performance as it clears extra memory on the Poco M3 Pro. Clearing the app data won’t affect the personal information on the apps as it will only remove those cache files. 

What you will attain after wiping the app cache on the Poco M3 Pro is a more responsive app and faster phone performance. Follow the procedures below to begin the wipe app cache on Poco M3 Pro. 

Steps to Wipe the App Cache on Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Access Settings on your device. Just look for the Settings app and tap on it. 
  1. Go to and select About phone. 
  1. Tap on Storage. 
  1. Select Apps and data. 
  1. Select the app that you want to wipe the cache. 
  1. Tap on Clear cache. 
  1. Select OK from the prompt. 

Your app cache for that certain is now cleared. Just perform the same procedures to other apps on the phone to wipe app cache on Poco M3 Pro. Another way to clear the app data faster is to tap and hold the app icon on the Poco M3 Pro. Once you see the App info option, select it and tap on Clear data found at the lower part of the screen.  

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that this post has helped you. If you also need help on how to set up a Gmail account for your email services on the Poco M3 Pro, you can click here. Feel free to open the article and read it. 

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