How To Get Verified On Xbox

Did you know that you can get verified on Xbox One? If you didn’t, well, you’re right, you can’t! In most cases, you cannot get verified on Xbox. Microsoft does have a system in place for getting verified on Xbox, but it won’t work for the general public. It won’t even work for celebrities or big brands, simply because Xbox isn’t a place to advertise yourself. Still, if you want to get verified on Xbox, there is a way around Microsoft’s system.

So, if you want to be verified on Xbox One, be sure to follow along with us below. We’ll take you step by step and how to make this happen.

Can you get verified on Xbox?

Microsoft doesn’t have an official system for allowing people to get verified on Xbox Live. This is because Xbox Live isn’t really a social media platform — it’s not a place for brands and companies to advertise their products. It’s primarily a place for gamers to connect together and enjoy their favorite video games in team-based modes.

So the answer is no, you cannot officially get verified on Xbox One. However, you might still see some gamer tags with a green verification badge. That’s an extremely exclusive club, as it’s something that you’ll only see attached to official Microsoft and Xbox employees. You might see developers from game companies with the green check mark as well — possibly people from say, Rockstar Games, Sony, Bethesda, etc.

If you’ve seen any people online with the verified, it’s also extremely unlikely that they were an official developer from somewhere. Chances are, they’ve done the same thing that we’re going to show you below — insert special characters in their name so that it appears as if the gamer tag was actually verified.

How to get verified on Xbox

So, what if you still want to get verified on Xbox Live? Like we’ve already mentioned, there’s no official way to do it, but you can be unofficially verified by putting the word “Verified” under your name on Xbox Live.

The first step is to head over to Xbox.com, and sign into your profile. Once you’re signed in, head into the Edit Profile settings. Next, you can copy a special character that you found online next your name. You could even put Verified Developer followed by a check mark in the First Name, and then put the rest of your name in the Last Name field. It’ll appear as Verified Developer ✔️ + Last Name online.

Will Microsoft provide a Verified system in the future?

Microsoft has been asked this question numerous times, but they haven’t given any indication or hope that there will be a system for verified gamer tags. As we’ve mentioned before, Xbox Live isn’t a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, so really, there’s no need for that verification badge other than status.


As you can see, it’s almost impossible to get verified on Xbox. However, if you insist on having that special status, there is a way that you can fake it, as we outlined above. We don’t recommend faking it, as impersonating someone is never a good idea and can, in some circumstances, land you in trouble. It’s best to stick with your original first and last name instead of fooling around with all of that.

There have actually been some cases where Microsoft has outright banned people who have faked the verified tag. That said, it really isn’t worth risking it, especially if you spent a few hundred dollars on your Xbox account, only to have it banned because of some stupid mistake. There’s no real way to get an account back after this — you have to start a new account or pay for things all over again.

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