How To Get Verified On Twitter

Are you wondering how you can get your Twitter account verified? There’s a couple of different pieces of criteria that you need to meet in order for this to happen, but if you’re not entirely sure on what to do, we’ll guide you through the process. Getting your Twitter account verified can have many advantages — it provides you with better security measures, more trust among the Twitter community, access to Twitter analytics, and most importantly, it protects your identity from being stolen on Twitter.

You see how it can be useful, so you yourself might think it’s time to get verified. And it might be! If you follow along below, we’ll show you the requirements for getting verified and take you through the steps on how you can do so.

Editor’s Note: We should note that right now, and for the past couple of months, Twitter has closed verification applications. It’s currently combing through previous submissions, but all new submissions are closed until further notice.

Do You Need Verification?

First, you must determine whether or not you need to be verified on Twitter. Verification on Twitter is essentially an exclusive club. Previously, it was exclusively meant for celebrities and people who were building a larger brand. It’s expanded since then, but still requires that you essentially have your own brand. For example, it’s important for Ariana Grande or Camila Cabello to be verified on Twitter so fans can follow their accounts. If verification wasn’t available, anyone could easily “spoof” Ariana Grande or Camila Cabello, and fans might follow those spoof accounts instead of the real Ariana Grande or Camila Cabello.

Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t going to verify Joe Smith from Some Random Publication, simply because that publication isn’t popular and doesn’t have writers who have made a name for themselves.

But, if you think that verification could be useful to you and your follows, follow along with us below — we’ll show you everything you need to do to get verified.

How to get verified

Getting verified on Twitter is actually a pretty simple process. The first step is to prepare your account to get verified. Here are some thing that you need to do:

  • Fill out your Twitter account. Twitter will not verify user or business accounts that haven’t been properly filled out. Start by filling out your bio, telling followers what the account is or about.
  • Add a link to your website so that Twitter users can get a better idea of your brand
  • Set your account to public — Twitter will not verify accounts that cannot be accessed publicly
  • You’ll need to add some images as well, including a cover photo. Your Twitter avatar also has to be a real photo of you, or if this is a business account, it has to be a logo of the business.

Next, you need to provide Twitter with some supporting information to show that your account needs to be verified. You’ll not only have to give Twitter a reason as to why your account needs to be verified, but you’ll also need to provide documentation to prove who you are — this is usually a driver’s license or a passport.

Next, you’ll need to provide Twitter with some supporting links to the brand or business you represent — this can be your own personal website link or a link to the business that you’re representing.

Once you have all of this information prepared, you can head over to www.verification.twitter.com/request to fill out your Verification Form request. Here, you’ll have to fill out your information, including your username, links to verify your identity, a small essay on why Twitter should verify your account, and then there’s a section to upload any personal documents that might be required of you, such as your drivers license or passport.

Twitter has a flood of verification requests, so it may take some time for them to get to your submission. It’s also worth noting that, if Twitter rejects your request for verification, that is completely up to them, and usually their decision is final. You can always fill out another request for verification at a later time, possibly when your brand or business has grown enough.


As you can see, filling out the application to get verified on Twitter is fairly easily; however, the decision is ultimately up to Twitter. If you don’t have enough supporting information for verification, Twitter might deny you. They also might deny you if you just don’t have a large enough brand for verification — like we said, you’ll have to resubmit for verification when your brand or business does get large enough.

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