How To Get Verified On Instagram

Every business and personal brand wants that sweet blue check mark next to their name. That gives them credibility, and makes their pages more attractive to users and consumers on those social media platforms. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain the verification badge on Instagram services, simply because it really is an exclusive club. Not everyone can get that badge because it requires that your business or brand have an established audience. It’s way to show users that this is the real page for your business or brand, not some impersonator.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough credibility to get that blue check mark, you have some more work to do in growing your company or brand to the point where you can get it. So if you want to get verified on Instagram, be sure to follow along with us below.

Do you need Instagram verification?

As we already mentioned, verification is a way to establish yourself as a brand or business on social media. It makes your page stand out, making you more attractive and discoverable to potential followers and consumers. It lets people know that this is the real page for your brand or company, not some spoof or impersonation account.

So, if you have a big enough audience where people are honestly starting to spoof or impersonate you for profit, then you can likely obtain Instagram verification. However, keep in mind that it’s still a difficult thing to obtain — there are large companies that don’t even have that coveted Instagram badge just yet, and these companies have thousands upon thousands of followers.

That said, you can apply for Instagram verification, provide all of the documentation necessary, but Instagram might deem that it’s not time for your account to have that coveted verification badge just yet. Still, it’s at least worth a shot!

How to get verified on Instagram

Getting verified on Instagram isn’t an automated process. In order to be verified, an actual person from Instagram’s team has to review your request and do the necessary research in order to approve or deny your request. Again, it’s a pretty strict process. Even Instagram themselves says that “only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges.”

Getting verified on Instagram usually requires that you have a good amount of followers — it at least certainly helps your chances, showing whoever is looking over your account for verification that you do have a large brand following.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have an official way for you to ask for that blue verification badge, but you can still submit a request to have your account looked over. As you might imagine, it’s quite difficult to get in contact with an Instagram moderator who handles verification requests. Still, you never know what a friendly email can bring. You can get in contact with them here.

Getting verified on Instagram really is difficult. The easiest way is to have a connection that can get you in contact with an Instagram moderator; however, there are a lot of things that you can still do to try and increase your chances of getting verified. Here are some ideas:

  • Engage. Engaging with followers and other users is extremely important — people like to see that you’re engaging with them, and this usually is an easy way to increase your followership and get other people talking about you.
  • Photos, photos, and more photos. We’re talking about staying active on Instagram. No one likes to follow or see an inactive account, and for Instagram verification, it’s extremely important to stay active. They aren’t go to verify a dormant account. Post photos often to keep your activity level up.

If you do end up contacting Instagram support, you might want to see about suggesting that your at risk of impersonation. Instagram on their Help page says that  “Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated.” If you could provide information to suggest this or give them credible evidence, you have a higher likelihood of getting verified on Instagram.


It’s obviously extremely difficult to get verified on Instagram in large part due to the social media platform’s lack of a formal way of requesting verification. But, as you can see, there are still plenty of ways for you to try and get verified on Instagram. With some hard work, determination, and persistence, you can get verified on Instagram in no time.

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