How to get out of Safe Mode

When you run your phone in Safe Mode, all third-party applications and services will be temporarily disabled. We often use this mode to troubleshoot app-related problems as there are times when third-party applications prevent us from booting normally. There are also instances wherein the phone is very slow while in normal mode that you need to run it in safe mode to make it work faster and that you can continue your troubleshooting.

Furthermore, when it safe mode, only the pre-installed apps will work but if you want to uninstall third-party applications, you can do so with ease provided that you already know the apps you want to uninstall. Being an owner of a smartphone, you should learn how to reboot your phone into safe mode.

However, some owners are asking how to get their phone out of Safe Mode. They know how to enter into this  environment but they’re a bit confused how to get out. Most of the time entering Safe Mode would require you to press and hold a combination of keys or buttons. To get out of it, all you need to do is reboot your phone normally.

  1. Press and hold the power key.
  2. Once the Power options appear on the screen, tap Restart.
  3. Your phone will then reboot normally and if the boot up is successful, it will enter the Normal Mode.

And that’s how to get your phone out of Safe Mode. I hope that this very short guide can help you one way or another.

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