How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with a black screen and blinking blue light (easy steps)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is packed with really impressive hardware and it’s expected to perform better than any other phones with lower specifications but the fact is it’s not perfect and there would always be times when it would fail to do some of its basic functions. Among the most common complaints we received regarding this device has something to do with its performance. Some owners reported about their units that no longer respond or turn on. But in this post, I will tackle about another common issue; the black screen with blinking blue light.

The blinking blue light is actually the notification LED that informs you about your unread messages or notification while the black screen could be a result of an issue with the firmware or a problem with the hardware. The thing is that we really don’t know what the problem is all about that’s why it’s necessary to do some basic troubleshooting to be able to determine the cause as well as formulate a solution that would bring your phone back to its perfect state. If you’re one of the owners of this phone and are currently having similar issues, continue reading as this article may help you, somehow.

Before going further, if you found this post because you were trying to find a solution to your problem, then try to visit our Galaxy S9 Plus troubleshooting page as we’ve already addressed most of the commonly reported issues with the phone. We’ve already provided solutions to some of the problems reported by our readers so try to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you and if you need further assistance, fill up our Android issues questionnaire and hit submit.

How to fix Galaxy S9 Plus with black screen and blinking blue light

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It may seem like a very serious hardware issue because your phone isn’t responding but in reality, most of the time, it’s just a minor issue with the firmware. That is if your device doesn’t have physical and/or liquid damage. For instance, if this problem started after the phone got dropped on a hard surface, then it’s probably a physical problem and the screen may have been affected. If the phone got submerged in water for a long period of time and then the problem occured, then it’s obviously a liquid damage.

For any case of physical and liquid damages, it’s best that you bring your phone immediately to the shop so that a technician can determine how serious the problem is. However, if this issue started without apparent reason or cause, it’s most likely just due to a firmware crash and here’s what you should do about it:

Force restart your Galaxy S9 Plus

As I said earlier, it’s just a firmware crash but, of course, it could also be something else. However, we need to rule out such possibility because most of the similar cases we’ve addressed in the past point to the same issue. If it were just a firmware crash, then the Forced Reboot will fix it and make your phone respond again. Here’s how you do it:

  • Press and hold the volume down and power keys at the same time for 10 seconds or more.

If you’re familiar with the battery pull procedure we often do to devices with removable batteries, well, this is the equivalent of that. It will refresh your phone’s memory by simulating battery disconnect and it will also reload all your apps, services and core functions. Most of the time, this is the only thing you should do to fix it but if the phone is still unresponsive after this, then try doing the following:

  1. Press and hold down the volume down button first and don’t let it go.
  2. While pressing the volume down key, press and hold the power key as well.
  3. Keep both keys held down together for 10 seconds or so.


After doing these procedures and your phone still has the black screen and blue light blinking, then the problem could be something else. But the thing is that the blue light is an indication that your phone is actually powered on and only the screen or its display is not responding. With that said, here’s something I want you to do to further determine if that’s true…

  1. Send a text message to your own number to know if the phone sounds off or better yet, call your number to see if it rings.
  2. If the phone rings or sounds off, then it’s actually powered on so try doing the same procedure as above.
  3. You may also try charging your phone to see if it responds to its charger.
  4. If the phone doesn’t ring, on the other hand, then it’s a sign of a more serious problem. The blue light that’s blinking could be a sign or a short-circuit and in this case, you should bring the device back to the store or to the shop.

Do the same thing if your phone rings but still won’t respond to the forced restart procedure as it could not be the screen that has an issue, the power key may also have a problem. It’s better that a technician can check it up for you.

I hope that we’ve been able to help you one way or another. If you have other issues or concerns you want to share with us, then feel free to contact us anytime or leave a comment below.

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