How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wont Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

There have been reports of some Samsung Galaxy S6 Edges that won’t turn on. In fact, we received several emails regarding this issue. One of our readers narrated that her phone just turned off on its own out of the blue and refused to come back on. In this case, since there’s no apparent cause, troubleshooting must be done following basic and safe procedures.


We technicians have our own way of knowing what the problem is. Some might jump to a more risky procedure while majority of us prefer the safer route especially when dealing with expensive smartphones like the Galaxy S6 Edge.

If you’re one of the people having this problem, then read on as I will guide you through discovering what the problem is and finding a solution for it. But please note that the issue might be caused by just an app, a glitch in the system, a corrupt data or cache, or a hardware fault. Whatever the cause is our main goal is to bring the phone back to life.

Here’s a couple of emails we received regarding this problem.

Email 1: Hi guys! I have a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s been with me for a couple of months now and I’ve always took good care of it. No water damage, it wasn’t dropped or something. Yesterday, it turned off on its own and when I tried to turn it on, nothing happened. I’m freaking out now because I don’t know what to do so if you could just help me with it, I would surely appreciate it.

Email 2: Hello droid guy. My S6 Edge won’t turn on when I press the power key. It’s been like this for almost two days now. All I remember is that I left it charging overnight and when I woke up in the morning, the screen was off and won’t turn on. What’s the problem here? Help me, please.

Now, going back to the problem, here’s how you troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wont Turn On

Step 1: Charge your phone

There have been reported cases wherein the owner thought the phone still has enough battery left only to find out it was draining its power faster than before. So, this procedure is to rule out the possibility that it’s just a drained battery issue.

This very basic procedure actually provides more insights to the problem than just telling you whether the battery is empty or not. It actually forces the phone to respond to it. For instance, it will force the phone to display the usual charging icon or to light up the LED indicator at the top of the screen. If these “charging signs” show, at least, as early as this stage, you can almost tell the phone’s hardware is fine. In this case, allow the phone to charge for, at least, 10 minutes.

What if the phone won’t charge?

Well, then, that’s a not charging issue and there’s a different troubleshooting guide for that.

Step 2: Try turning on the phone

Assuming the phone charged when you plugged it in and you allowed a few minutes to replenish its power, try turning it on normally to see if it fires up. While all those charging signs were present when you plugged it, there was no guarantee the phone would turn on. So, if the phone didn’t power up, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Try booting the phone in Safe Mode

There were cases wherein the device refused to turn on after an app crashed rendering the phone unresponsive. Booting in safe mode will temporarily disable all third-party apps. So, if one of those apps caused the problem (assuming the problem is as simple as that), then the phone should be able to boot up in safe mode successfully. Otherwise, try the next step.

How to boot in Safe Mode

  1. Turn OFF your Galaxy S6 Edge.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. When ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ appears, immediately release the Power key and then press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Continue holding the Volume Down button until the phone finishes the restart.
  5. When you see Safe Mode on the lower left corner of the screen, release the button.


Step 4: Try booting the S6 Edge in Recovery Mode

The Recovery Mode or the Android System Recovery allows the phone to power up every component inside without actually loading the Android GUI. It means that your phone can easily get into this mode provided that all hardware components inside including the battery and display panel are fine. So, if your device refused to boot up in this mode, it’s more likely a hardware issue than firmware.

Step 5: Send the phone in for repair or check up

At this point, it is almost certain the problem is with the hardware. Your Galaxy S6 Edge might still be under warranty so opening it by yourself will automatically void it. If you have enough skillset to open your phone up and check up the inside to be sure if it’s a hardware problem or not before asking for help from a technician, then proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, have someone with enough knowledge and skills handle it for you

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  1. Good Day! For me is not so good because my s6 edge does not react at any touch screen key even I restart him several times .No damaged ,not fall down but touch screen want work.
    It comes to input sim card number but I can not input any number .

  2. My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had gone flat so i when to charge it but it didn’t charge and it hasn’t since I’ve tried turning it on but no luck id had it for a while and it was dropped and had a damaged screen

  3. Thank you guys so much! My s6edge today turned off out of nowhere, only the blue light was blinking and when i tried calling from another phone, it wouldnt even ring! All while Im travelling!! Thanks to your tips ( i pressed power, volume low and center buttons) I was able to restart my phone!

  4. my s6 edge keeps turning on and off on its own! it keeps restarting on and on but stops at “verizon” logo and then starts over….i cant seem to make it on!it keeps doing that until the batterie is draining…am crying hep!!

  5. hi i actually try all this but my phone is still not responding and when charging it still heat up. what can i do to fix this issue?

  6. I have tried everything still not working. The phone is on but just has the samsung logo on the screen wont turn off either

  7. my phone didn’t turn on even after following all these steps many times.. nothing works.. whenever i put the device on charge the notification light doesn’t turns on but the device becomes extremely hot.. plx help me its like two months for me now without the phone..

  8. my phone wont do anything… S6 + I tried the volume up and home and power button.. nothing happened. I get no charging light when I try to charge my phone. it just seems like my phone died.
    Please help. Please help.

  9. my phone wont do anything… S6 + I tried the volume up and home and power button.. nothing happened. I get no charging light when I try to charge my phone. it just seems like my phone died.

  10. Batter went dead last night so put it on charge all night. Said 100% charged so went to turn it on and it won’t turn on :-/

  11. Hi i have s6 sm g920f wont turn on wont connect to pc wen i charge it it gets warm and batterie does a well as i have took back off to see if battery was disconnected everything seem normal any suggestion been told its the -Power-Manager-BGA-IC-Chip needs replacing??

  12. mine still isnt working … i have done everything even factory reset the thing and all ive got is the samsung logo pulsating … no load up nothing… i cant seem to fix it

  13. Thank you. The last item worked. Saved me a long trip to the nearest Vodafone shop and missing a lot of important calls.

  14. Mine crashed on me this morning. I had recently accepted an update and then had warning mof high battery usuage of the Zcamera. Didnt delete then but have done so this morning when i was able to get in. Hope that helps others.

  15. My screen seems to be jumping real bad then 15 secs goes black , it just moves up and down fast the lcd

  16. Thank you, I tried everything, every button. The only thing that woke my phone up was pressing power and volume down button. It was freaking me out. I love my phone

  17. There is Hope!…

    So my 6Edge crashed… matter what buttons pressed..Volume & Power nothing..
    Reboot,Safe mode,Recovery Tips Didnt work..

    Then when plugged in..would show charged to 100%..and only Samsung Logo come on brief second .then black..

    If i left phone untouched,but charging it would just turn in and off(just 1 sec) by itself over and over…

    After 4 days of same thing…

    Before ready to take back to At&t for a new phone…

    I Left it charging but untouched for about 2 hours and it just came back on by itself!!!

    SO.. if your phone won’t turn back on. I just recommend that you leave it plugged in and on and give it several days and it might come back on before you just dump it get rid of it…

    Good Luck!!

  18. my phone wont do anything… S6 edge + I tried the volume up and home and power button.. nothing happened. I get no charging light when I try to charge my phone. it just seems like my phone died.

  19. But the battery is bigger–4300mAh (Mate 8: 4000mAh; Note 7: 3500mAh).
    And it is a Sony Li-polymer battery which is safer and more efficient
    than normal Li-ion battery. Even with a 6-inch big screen, T1 Plus still
    does better in battery life

  20. Nice Information!
    Most of the smartphones supports fingerprint touch ID, But there is no exception for the 6.0-inch vkworld T1 Plus, Vkworld official makes a video to show how to use this function.You can review their latest video on youtube channel 🙂

  21. Volume down with power button worked for me too but can somebody tell me what cause these shutdowns? I would like to eliminate the problem so it doesnt happen again. It looks like this is common problem with many people having it so there have to be some reason for this.

  22. Why is this working for everybody and it failed for me. I gave it to the geeks at Samsung in London Surrey Quays and they said it had water damage. I know my phone never touched water, at least not in my hands. They are only trying to avoid invoking the warranty. Gave them the phone two weeks after it stopped working and the water was so much it didn’t dry up till they opened the phone!!!!!!!!

  23. Mine fixed itself after receiving two phone calls. You guys can try this trick and see. Good luck

  24. Every edge that I had to fix believe it or not was the screws being too tight or too loose. The second one down from the top left if its too tight the camera will not work it will say camera failure and if it’s too loose your phone will either not turn on or randomly turn off by itself.

  25. Dude! Thanks for saving me… had a mini heart attack when it just died on me like that. This revived my Edge Plus like a charm.

  26. You are a legend, as soon as I did that for 10 seconds my battery icon came back to my screen and began to charge. I was honestly losing the plot…

  27. I need help please with s6 edge i tried to jb it and triped knox 1 time at this moment i have no way of geting past samsung logo i do have down load mode and i have instaled team win recovery but there is no files in team win what can i do any info will be apresheated sry for spelin haha

  28. Hi I had my galaxy s6 edge go off .wood not turn on I pressed all 4 buttons at once for 2 mins and now its on ..thanks guys

  29. Thank you A.J., TDG please add to guide because I tried everything else, but this did and then it showed I had 77% battery left on my sgs 6 e

  30. Wow A.J thank you so much for your tip! I bought my edge last week and this morning my phone turned off on its own making me late to work! None of the steps were working until i tried your trick!!! I then did step 4: Recovery Mode and my phone is working like new! Thanks again you rock my socks!

  31. Hi, my name is Kashif Saeed, and i’ve S6 Edge G925F (International) 64GB model. It’s a First Day edition, got it on first day of release. After using for months, aint get any kinda problem till now. Yesterday while i was driving in a car with my friend, i connected my phone via car’s bluetooth and listening to the music. i got 2 missed calls that time but my hands were busy so i couldn’t answer the phone at that moment. Well right after that, my phone just restarted and i found it got warmed. since then it’s keep restarting and freezing ! some times it boots till main screen or some times it restarts immediately right after S6 Edge shows up or some times at Samsung’s logo (With stuck sound like aaaarrrrrr, like it gets stuck inbetween starting sound). i’ve tired to get into a recovery mode, no luck stucks at Galaxy screen. i tired to boot into Safe mode, no luck so far it’s just keep restarting and restarting freezing !! i tired to update the firmware via ODIN 3 times coz only the download mode is working but now my device is locked so ODIN aint working anymore, even though i tired HOLD Power and Vol Down for 7secs, 10secs, 15secs and 20secs differently but its still the same =( i tired to initiated firmware via KIES and Smart Switch as well !! NO LUCK !! =( Help me please !!

  32. So, earlier this week my s6 edge automatically turned to a screen that said it was starting apps, so I left it alone for several hours. When I checked it again, the screen was off and the blue LED was flashing as it refused to turn on in the normal fashion so I tried the volume down, lock button thing. I then tried chose to start the phone normally. The s6 edge logo popped up for about 5 seconds and then it went back to the black screen and blue LED. I then repeated but chose to use safe mode. Same thing. I then repeated and chose to simply turn the phone off. Same thing. After several more hours of doing nothing but tying those options over again with the same result every time, I decided to give up and chose the factory reset option. The Android screen showed up and said it was erasing data for about a minute. Then it simply went back to the black screen and blue LED. So I decided to simply wait until the phone ran out of power. Several hours later, the blue LED stopped and I plugged in the phone to which the proper charging screen showed up. I watched it charge a little, then I tried to turn it on using the power button. Black screen, blue LED. Then I gave up.

  33. This WORKS on S6 EDGE PLUS as well .My s6 edge plus died in my pocket with 70% battery .Had a heart attack. Was used for 3 days only brand new bought from Carphone Warehouse UK. Thanks mate

  34. Hey I found a solution after everything on this list failed. To reset the galexy s6 or s6 edge Hold the power button and DOWN volume button for 10 secconds serious tried everything for an hour and this worked when nothing else did

  35. hi i have a samsung the lock button and menu button has stopped working and the internet keeps come on by its self and i don’t know how to back my phone up as have a apple pc doh please help

  36. I had the same issue with S6 and it wouldn’t turn on until i removed the sim card… Now it works fine

  37. I’m shocked at how many issues this phone is having (this is only one of many). Unfortunately my phone will not display any of the safe mode/recovery mode options (the only thing “working” right now is the flashing blue light) so I guess it’s going back to best buy.

  38. i got a notification about a software update, so i updated and installed the update and it asked my permission to restart. The phone keeps showing the samsung s6 edge icon and the samsung icon with the sound and everything and the blue light shows at the top as well. But it does not switch on, it just keep repeating the same process without actually reaching the point where i can see my home screen. The phone refuses to switch off even after i have pressed the power button. Tried troubleshooting and rebooting but nothing seems to work. PLEASE HELP !!

  39. Mine died completely after a few hours use. My advice is to stay away from this mobile, it’s a factory fault. All units should be recalled. Samsung, you should be embarrassed.

  40. Help please… I got my Samsung s6 edge10 days ago and everything was working perfectly until man hour ago… It won’t turn on.. But the blue LED is flashing… It won’t turn off and it won’t charge… I don’t know what to do.. Please please help

  41. Got my S6 Edge working again by booting it in recovery mode. This is the second time this has happened to me, the first time I had to take it to Samsung and they wiped everything. This article saved me a lot of time and effort. Thanks!

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