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Users have reported a Nintendo Switch 2811-6058 error when attempting to redeem a download code in the Nintendo eShop. At times, the error code is accompanied with the message that shows “You cannot redeem codes right now due to multiple input errors within a short period of time. Please wait and try again later.” This specific error will be tackled in this post and solutions on how to fix it will be included for your reference.

Causes of Nintendo Switch error code 2811-6058

As a way to reward loyal users, Nintendo usually offers vouchers where they can redeem a download code in eShop on Nintendo Switch. However, there are instances when issues like the error code 2811-6054 occurs while trying to redeem the code. Highlighted below are some of the known causes for the error related to the download code.

Download code has been entered multiple times.

The main reason why the error code 2811-6058 exists is due to the download code being entered in the system numerous times within a short span of time and still unsuccessful. 

Unrecognized download code.

The system displays the error when you enter an incorrect download code in the eShop on Nintendo Switch. 

Expired eShop voucher code.

Some download codes provided have certain expiration dates. If you are attempting to redeem a download code in the Nintendo eShop after the specified expiration, the error code 2811-6058 may appear on the screen.

Download code is only applicable in certain countries.

If the system displays the error code 2811-6058 even if the characters entered are correct, it could be that the download code is not valid in the country you are in. As there are download codes that are only being offered in certain countries. 

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How to fix Nintendo Switch 2811-6058 error?

If you are dealing with error code 2811-6058 in your Nintendo Switch, then follow these easy solutions provided below.

Fix #1: Redeem the code at a later time.

When the system displays the error code 2811-6058 on your Nintendo Switch due to multiple input, please wait and try to redeem the code again at a later time.

Fix #2: Enter the correct download code.

Review the 16-digit download code you have entered to ensure that you haven’t missed any characters and check the validity of the code as well. Download codes bought from retailers or included in the bundle when purchasing other Nintendo Switch products doesn’t have any expiration. However, download codes offered for specific Nintendo Switch promotions have expiration dates. 

Fix #3: Adjust Nintendo settings to the correct region.

Verify if the download code is available in your region. Once confirmed, go to your Nintendo settings to ensure that it is assigned to the correct region. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access System Settings from the Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down and select System.
  3. Select Region on the right pane.
  4. Change the region if necessary.

Fix #4: Reach out to Nintendo support.

If the system displays the error code 2811-6058 still after applying the solutions above, contact the Nintendo support for help to redeem a download code in the Nintendo eShop.


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