How to fix Garmin Vivosmart 4 that’s not receiving notification from phone

Notifications that are sent from your smartphone to your Garmin Vivosmart 4 are transmitted via Bluetooth connection. It is imperative that both devices are properly synced and connected because if not, then syncing issues will occur.

Some owners have reported that their tracker can no longer receive notifications from the smartphone. It might be just an issue with the phone or a connection problem. Continue reading as I will guide you in troubleshooting your Vivosmart 4 that’s not showing notifications anymore.

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Here are the things you should do if your Vivosmart 4 no longer gets notifications from your phone…

  1. Make sure your smartphone is not set in silent mode or Do Not Disturb (DND).
  2. Reboot your smartphone and your Vivosmart 4.
  3. Refresh connection between the devices.
  4. Force close Garmin Connect app.
  5. Factory Reset Vivosmart 4.

First of all, if your phone is set in silent mode or DND, then that’s apparently the reason why it’s not sending notifications to your tracker. Set the phone properly to play notification sounds and it should fix the problem. However, if it’s not in silent or DND mode, then it might be just a temporary issue with either of the devices.

Reboot your smartphone first and then connect your Vivosmart 4 to a computer to restart it. After which, allow a minute or two for the devices to reconnect and try to see if notifications work this time. If still not, the try deleting the current connection by forgetting your tracker from your phone’s Bluetooth settings. After that, allow your phone to scan and reconnect to your Vivosmart 4. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then move on to the next solution.

On your smartphone, force close Garmin Connect to refresh it. Then open it again and try to see if the notifications work this time. Many have reported to have fixed their problems using this method. But if it doesn’t fix the problem, then follow these steps to reset Vivosmart 4:

  1. Delete the Garmin Connect app from your phone.
  2. “Forget” the device in your phone’s Bluetooth settings and disable Bluetooth on your phone, then reboot your phone.
  3. Clamp the VivoSmart into its charger, and plug it into your computer.
  4. Erase all files and directories on the VivoSmart when it comes up as a USB drive on your computer.
  5. Eject the VivoSmart USB device from your computer.
  6. Disconnect the VivoSmart from the charger
  7. Re-install Garmin Connect on your phone.
  8. Re-enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  9. Put your Vivosmart into “pairing mode” — documented in your manual — and re-pair your VivoSmart as below:
    1. Open Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone.
    2. Touch the Home Menu button
    3. Touch Devices
    4. Touch the “+” in the upper-right corner
    5. Touch Health and Fitness
    6. Touch vivosmart
    7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing process

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