How to Fix a Not Charging Poco M3 Pro

Got a Poco M3 Pro that is not charging? Trying to connect that cord but the charging feature is not working? Check out some recommendations on how to fix a not charging Poco M3 Pro in this article. Buckle up and read further. 

You might run out of power and need to juice up the device, but suddenly, the Poco M3 Pro is not charging. Errors like “not charging” might show up, or simply the charging indicator is not showing up. This could be a very stressful situation to be dealt with, and it is important to know some hacks on how to fix it. 

There are few things to consider on why a Poco M3 Pro would stop its charging function. You might need to check the charging accessories. That includes the charging cable and the charger adapter. Carefully check the charging cable and the adapter for any signs of breaks or unusual bending. 

These hardware accessories could be easily damaged if you keep twisting the cord or plugging the adapter inappropriately. They could also be affected by the wear and tear syndrome. If you just got your Poco M3 Pro and it’s quite new, make sure to check for any signs of factory damage on the charging accessories. 

Dusts could also get inside the USB-C charging cable. Check for any signs of dust/dirt blockage on the charging cable. Aside from the cable, the charging port could also be blocked by dust and dirt. Make sure to check the port before you plug in the charging cable. 

You should also check the power outlet and see if that is causing the problem. Try to plug a different power adapter, like a light extension, and see if that works properly. If it does, then continue troubleshooting your smartphone. But if the power outlet is not working, try to look for a different outlet where you can plug in your Poco M3 Pro. 

If you have checked all of those things above and your device is still not charging, then it is time to perform the procedures below. They are suited best to address software-related glitches that may be hindering the charging function to work properly on your Poco M3 Pro. 

Feel free to follow the steps provided on each recommendation and see which one is able to fix a not charging Poco M3 Pro. 

Fix a Poco M3 Pro Not Charging Issue: 

  1. Activate Battery Performance calibration. 
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Optimizing the battery removes any possible apps that may have been draining the battery and  causes conflicts with the charging functionality of your Poco M3 Pro. This procedure ensures that the battery on your phone runs smoothly while using the device. 

The first step to access battery optimization is to go to Settings. Then select Battery & performance. Tap on the Fix battery issue option. Select the Add * min to start the battery optimization process. Wait for it to complete then check if the phone starts charging this time. 

  1. Run Cleaner App on the Poco M3 Pro. 
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App cache and other system files are accumulated throughout the usage of the smartphone. These bits of information could slow down the process of some functions, including phone charging, if they go rogue and erratic. 

Good thing is that the Poco M3 Pro has a built-in cleaner app. It removes cache files, clears memory and scans the files on the system for possible threats. To do that, simply look for the app called Cleaner on the device. Wait for it to scan and tap on Clean up

  1. Soft Reset your Poco M3 Pro. 
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A simple solution that is often neglected by a lot of people could actually cure the problems experienced on smartphones. A restart is needed to refresh the system on the device and enhance its performance. It also clears minor software glitches. 

If the not charging issue on your Poco M3 Pro is caused by a temporary system glitch, then a soft reset might be all you need to fix it. To reset your phone, just press and hold the Power button until you see the power options. Select Reboot or Turn off

  1. Factory Reset Your Poco M3 Pro. 
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Your last resort to cure the not charging problem is to perform a factory reset. If the software glitch is stubborn enough to withstand minor procedures, then erasing all contents on the device might work this time. 

Performing a factory reset will revert all options to their default values and options, delete apps and restore the device to its default state. It will generally restart your phone like a new one. 

Prior performing a factory reset on your Poco M3 Pro, make sure to create a backup on a computer or using your existing Mi Account (if you have one). If you are ready to perform a factory reset, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Still Having a Poco M3 Pro that is Not Charging

Your device might be experiencing a hardware problem if the given solutions above did not work in fixing the not charging problem. It could be the charging pin problem or a motherboard issue. In this case, your device needs to be checked by the experts. 

Contact Poco support or visit the nearest authorized service center in your area and ask for proper assistance. If you have a problem with your Poco M3 Pro that cannot connect to WiFi, you may also check our article for that matter. Just click here for more information. 

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