How to fix a Galaxy Note9 that can’t send to or receive text message from iPhones

Is your Galaxy Note9 (#GalaxyNote9) having trouble sending or receiving SMS to or from an iPhone? Today’s troubleshooting article will address this common issue.

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Problem: How to fix Galaxy Note9 texting issue: can’t send to or receive SMS from an iPhone

I just upgraded to the note 9 from an iPhone 6s a few days ago. Since then I’ve been having issues with texts not getting to or from my girlfriend ,who uses an iPhone. I have an iPad as well so I logged onto apple and turned imessage completely off then signed out of my apple account.

Solution: If you recycled your old SIM card from your iPhone or iPad and used it on your new Note9, turning off iMessage and signing out of your Apple account is not enough. What you did was to simply disable iMessage from that particular iPad but your phone number is still being recognized by your carrier as using iMessage services. Your iPad will no longer receive your texts but all incoming and outgoing messages for your phone number will still be forwarded to Apple’s iMessage.

You need to tell Apple that you want your phone number deleted from their iMessage system. You can do that deregistering your phone number. Once you’ve done the deregistration process completely, your phone number will no longer be associated with from Apple’s iMessage service. This means that your cellular network will now treat the phone number as a regular number and won’t forward your incoming and outgoing messages to Apple’s iMessage service. After a few hours or deregistering from iMessage, you should start receiving and sending text messages via your cellular network and not within iMessage.

To deregister your phone number from iMessage, follow this link.

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