How to fix a Galaxy J7 that won’t charge and overheating when charging [troubleshooting guide]

A lot of #GalaxyJ7 users are complaining of charging issues on their phones so we dedicate this post for them. Charging issues can take a few forms and since we can’t account for all of them in one article, we try to provide generalized troubleshooting and solutions for all of them. We hope that this post will help you.

Problem #1: Galaxy J7 won’t charge and overheating when charging

Hello Guys, I am facing issue with charging of My samsung J7. I tried to charge it with Power Bank of “MI” and after that my phone is not getting charged and it gets overheated. I checked with Battery there is no issue. Even though I charged full battery externally and inserted in phone, still it is showing only 4% battery and phones upper part(near back camera) getting hot after inserting battery.I connected to original charger but still not getting charged. Please suggest if you know how to fix it. Thanks. — Vadagane

Solution: Hi Vadagane. Have you tried using another set of charging cable and adapter? It’s possible that there may be an issue with the current original charging cable or adapter so consider using another known working set to see any difference. If you already did that before contacting us, then the problem must be something with your phone.

Check the charging port

Sometimes, pocket lint or debris may enter the charging port and block the charging cable when you insert it. To check if there’s something wrong with the charging port, use a magnifier or something similar so you can clearly see inside. Try to look for anything that doesn’t belong in there and take it out. If you notice that there’s a bent pin, that may be the reason why the device seems to get warm when you charge it. The bent pin may be causing a short.

If you think that there’s a debris or dirt inside, try not to stick something in the port. Instead, use a can of compressed air to dislodge the particle.

Check for water damage

We know that the J7 is water resistant but it’s not totally 100% water proof. The seal that protects it from water can break if you drop the device or if it’s hit by something hard. If there’s water moisture or liquid in the charging port, be sure not to use compressed air to take it out. Instead, let your phone air dry. Water naturally evaporates after some time so all you can do is to shake the phone vigorously to hopefully remove the water inside. After that, let the phone sit for at least 24 hours at the back of a TV so water evaporates (the warmth of the TV or computer can help hasten the evaporation process hasten a bit). Do not place the phone near an oven or furnace to avoid damaging components inside.

Do a factory reset

To see if the cause of the problem is software in nature, you can factory reset your phone. Doing so will wipe the device clean and restore all software settings to their defaults. We know for a fact that charging works normally when the software is in factory state and there are no third party apps installed. If your J7 still charges erratically or not at all, then you know you have a hardware issue at hand.

To factory reset your J7:

  1. Create a backup of your personal data.
  2. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy J7.
  3. Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  4. When the Samsung Galaxy J7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  5. When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Using the Volume Down key, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  7. Once highlighted, you may press the Power key to select it.
  8. Now highlight the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power button to select it.
  9. Wait until your phone is finished doing the Master Reset. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power key.
  10. The phone will now reboot longer than usual.

Replace the battery

Sometimes, a bad battery can appear to cause charging problems. If charging is still problematic after a factory reset, there may be an issue with the battery or the motherboard in general. Try to replace the battery and see what happens.

Get professional help

If all solution options above won’t work, contact Samsung and have them figure out the issue.

Problem #2: Galaxy J7 battery not working

A few weeks ago my phone went flat and in the morning I realised it hadn’t charged. I tried different chargers and still got nothing. after a couple of weeks using a spare phone I thought it can’t hurt to try plugging in the J7 and it started charging and it worked fine again — charged and work like normal. This morning I woke up and had forgot to plug my phone in and it has gone flat and is not working again. Any ideas what could cause this?  I have ordered a new battery too see if its a dodgy battery. — Rory

Solution: Hi Rory. Check out our suggestions Vadagane above and see if any of the solution options will help. We think it’s a battery issue though so getting a new one will most probably help. The good thing is, the J7 has a removable battery pack unlike the high-end Galaxy S and Note lines so you’re in a favorable position. If you’re lucky and it’s a battery issue, replacing the current one must be an easy fix. Lithium-based batteries generally die out after sometime so if your J7 has been around, a new one is a good permanent fix.

Problem #3: New Galaxy J7 keeps turning off by itself days after it was bought

Sir /Madam, I have bought Samsung J7 max about 20 days ago. The mobile goes off completely and will not on ,even on switching on. I took to the place where I bought,they told me to hold power, home screen and volume buttons together for a minute and it switched on. What is the issue? It happened twice in 1 day. how do I rectify this problem? Should I change my mobile? — Joshua Caleb

Solution: Hi Joshua. If your J7 was not brand new when you bought, you really can’t expect it work properly. There’s a chance that the previous owner may have damaged it (though there may not be any visible marks), replaced the battery with a damaged or used one, or there may be an issue with its software. We know for a fact that a brand new J7 will not die on its own weeks after unboxing it under normal circumstances. If you do have a brand new one though, consider replacing it to avoid any more problems.

If you happen to have a second-hand device, we suggest that you try to do a factory reset on it first. If that won’t work at all, bring it back to the store where you bought if from and demand a replacement. Otherwise, let them fix the issue for you.

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