How to Create a Reminder with Galaxy S20 Calendar

Regardless of how organized a person is, there’s always a time when he or she forgets about a thing or two. This is especially true among individuals having a hectic schedule. Thankfully, new smartphones are already programmed to address this concern. Such is made possible with the integration of pertinent applications like the Calendar app. In this quick guide, I will teach you how to make use of this app to ensure that you won’t be missing an important event. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a reminder with the galaxy s20 Calendar app.

More and more people are now making use of their smartphones as personal tools to assist them in their everyday routine. Apart from entertainment, modern smartphones are already programmed to carry out multiple tasks that are deemed essential for both personal and business purposes. Tackled in this post is one of the key features on the new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone and that is the stock Calendar application. 

One of the main uses of the Calendar app is for reminders. This means that you can use the app to set reminders of your important business or personal appointments.

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Easy steps to create a reminder with the Galaxy S20 Calendar app

Time Needed : 8 minutes

The following steps will help you create your very first reminder on your new Galaxy S20 smartphone using the built-in Calendar application. Feel free to refer to this simplified tutorial in case you need some input on how to get started with the S20 Reminder feature.

  1. Open the Calendar app.

    The Calendar app icon is lined up among other icons from the Apps viewer.
    To access the Apps viewer, just swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - open calendar

  2. From the app’s main screen, tap the navigation/menu icon.

    Just look for the three-horizontal-line figure on the upper-leftmost corner of the screen.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - calendar settings

  3. Tap Reminder to continue.

    The Reminder screen will then be displayed.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar -reminder

  4. Tap the +Write a reminder button to start writing your reminder.

    The Memo screen will be displayed next.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - write reminder

  5. Enter the content of your memo on the provided text field.

    You can use basic formatting tools or add image(s) to your memo.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - enter memo

  6. Tap the Time switch to turn it on.

    When enabled, a list of Time options will be displayed. 

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - enable time

  7. Select your preferred time then specify the reminder type.

    Among the options are Don’t repeat and Medium.
    You may also opt to use the All Day tab.
    To do so, just tap the tab then select the desired date from the calendar.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - time option

  8. To specify a designated place for your anticipated event, go back to the main Memo screen then tap the Place switch to activate it.

    You can pick a place based on your current location or add places to your Samsung account.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - set place

  9. Once you’re done creating the memo, tap the Save button.

    The memo is now created and scheduled.

    create a reminder with galaxy s20 calendar - save memo

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and later
  • Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra

A preview or summary of the created memo(s) are saved in the Reminder folder. To add another reminder or memo, just tap the + icon located on the upper-right side of the screen before the Search (magnifying glass) icon.

Your phone will then alert you when the specified date and time for that reminder approaches. The alert style is usually set to medium. This means that you will get a full screen alert and hear a short sound as a notification sound reminder. 

Alert style, notification sound reminder and other relevant options can also be modified or customized according to your preference. All you have to do is to access the Reminder settings from the Calendar app.

And that covers everything in this tutorial. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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