How to charge your Fitbit Versa | how to check battery level

Once you’ve unpacked your Fitbit watch, the next thing that you must need to learn is on how to charge it and check its battery level. In this post, we’ll show you the steps you must do to successfully charge your Fitbit Versa and how to check its battery level.

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How to charge your Fitbit Versa | how to check battery level

One of the basic things that you must know about your Fitbit Versa is its battery level. If you have no idea how to check the battery level or charge the device, follow our instructions below.

How to check battery level on Fitbit Versa

You can check battery level anytime by going to the clock face screen and swiping up. The battery level indicator should be at the upper left corner. 

Keep in mind that if the battery is showing a red indicator, that means that the device has less than 24 hours remaining power. If the device is critically low, the red battery indicator will flash. Be sure to charging the device to avoid temporarily losing functionality. It’s not advisable that you let the battery go out or drain to zero all the time. 

If you lose wifi connectivity when the battery percentage is at 25% or less, that’s normal. That’s one way for the watch to conserve power.

How to attach charger to Fitbit Versa

Your Fitbit Versa comes with a bulky charger. It’s one of the biggest objects in the box and you’ll not miss it. Knowing how to charge your Fitbit Versa properly is important if you’re still getting familiar with your gadget. Your Versa does not have a typical charging port with holes in it. Instead, its charging port is a shallow set of connectors at the back that connects to the charger. 

To charge your Fitbit Versa, follow these steps:

  1. Take out charger and connect it to a USB port on your computer, a UL-certified USB wall charger, or another low-energy device.
  2. Pinch the sides of the charger to open up a little bit.
  3. Put your Fitbit Versa in the charging cradle. Before doing this, make sure that the pins on the charging cradle are aligned with the copper contacts on the back of your Versa. 
  4. If successfully connected, you should see the charging percentage on the screen.

How to know if Fitbit Versa is fully charged

It may take about an hour or longer to charge your Fitbit Versa from 0-100%. But when do you know if it’s fully charged to 100%? It’s actually easy. What you need to do is to simply tap the button or tap battery level.

If you want to use your Fitbit Versa while charging, tap the screen twice. 


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