How to Change Snapchat Username in 2024: The Help Guide

If you don’t prefer to change the Display name on your Snapchat and opt to have your desired username, then you have you no choice but to deactivate your current Snapchat account (which can only be done from the web version of Snapchat) and create a new account.

Note as well that you can’t transfer account data from the old one. Thus, you can no longer use the deleted Snapchat account username if you’re planning to utilize it in the future when making a new account. So think of these downsides before you decide of having another Snapchat account and username and then deleting the existing one.

Contact Snapchat Support

For further information, you can visit the snapchat support website. If prompted about the use cookies or the website’s cookie policy with Accept Cookies or Cookie Settings options, you can disregard the onscreen notification by clicking the “x” icon. On the page’s search tab, type in your questions regarding your account and get help.

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