How to change Fitbit Versa bands | steps to change accessory bands

The Fitbit Versa is customizable both externally and software wise. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to change the bands on your Fitbit Versa. The steps are simple but may require some effort for some. The thing is, the release button for this gadget can be a little challenging to do and can potentially damage your nail if you’re not careful. 

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How to change Fitbit Versa bands | steps to change accessory bands

Are you planning on changing the wristband on your watch? Learn what to do if you want to change your Fitbit Versa bands below.

Change Fitbit Versa bands step #1

The first step is to position properly your Fitbit Versa. Turn your watch onto its front and look for the metal release lever at the end of a band where the watch body and band are joined. The release lever can be clearly distinguished. 

Change Fitbit Versa bands step #2

To start releasing the band, push the release lever inside. Once you’ve pushed the release lever enough, pull the band away from the casing.

NOTE: If possible, do not use your nail when sliding the release lever. Some wristbands may require more pressure in pushing the release lever and there’s a chance that you may chip your nail doing this procedure. Try to use something like a popsicle stick or similar to do this step.

Change Fitbit Versa bands step #3

Once you’re ready to attach a new band, simply reverse the one you did at Step 2. Slide the pin into the small notch on the casing. Make sure to line up the band’s end into the notch, then fit one end into a tiny hole. Then, release the lever to put the band into place. 

Change Fitbit Versa bands step #4

If you hear a tiny click for both sides of the band, it should all be good. Try to give the band a gentle nudge to check if it’s securely in place. That’s it! Do the same steps if you plan on replacing the wristbands later on.


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