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How To Block A Number On Pixel 3 XL

Are you tired of getting unnecessary phone calls, possibly from telemarketers or friends and family at the most inopportune times? You could be at walk, and either party just continues to call and call. It’s annoying, and there’s no way to really stop them if they won’t listen to your requests, which leaves you to either silent your phone or block the number.

Silencing the phone and letting it ring isn’t really an option if you sue your Google Pixel 3 XL for work, unfortunately. Luckily, blocking a number or stopping telemarketer calls for good is a pretty easy process. The federal government makes it really easy to stop telemarketing calls, and Google itself allows you to easily block individual numbers within its software. So if you’re ready to put a stop to those annoying phone calls once and for all, be sure to follow along below.

Do Not Call Registry

Telemarketing calls are a little more difficult to block, but at least in the United States, the federal government makes the process a little easier. Telemarketers are so difficult to block because they have multiple phone numbers they can use to reach you. You block one, they can call you from another. They’re even extremely sly about it, often trying to reach you from a number that appears to be local. It’s frustrating, but you can put a stop these endless calls by putting your Pixel 3 XL’s number on the Do Not Call Registry. By putting it on this registry, telemarketers, by law, will not be able to cold call you.

Getting your number on the Do Not Call Registry’s database is easy. It’s completely free — you won’t be charged any fees for putting your number on the registry. The nice thing about this registry is that once you submit your number and get it put on the list, it’s on there for life, or at least until you change phone numbers.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actually makes it really easy to get your Google Pixel 3 XL’s number on the list. On your browser and device of choice, just head over to www.donotcall.gov. From here, all you need to do is click the orange button on the main page that says Register Your Phone. Next, click the REGISTER HERE link.

This is where we can actually register our phone number(s). You can actually enter up to three phone numbers here. This could be, say, your mobile number, a landline, and maybe even a spouse’s number. Finally, the FTC just needs an email address. Keep in mind that you cannot register or submit a number to the Do Not Call registry without one, as they use it to send you a confirmation email.

Once you’re done entering in all of the necessary information, just press the Submit button. Now you’re almost there! As the last step, the FTC sends a confirmation email to you with a final confirmation link inside that email. Open the email, click the link, and then the numbers you submitted are entered automatically into the registry. The FTC says it takes between 24 and 48 hours for telemarketers to stop calling you, but it should actually happen much quicker.

Block a specific number

If telemarketers aren’t the problem, you’re no doubt wondering how you can block individual numbers on your Google Pixel 3 XL. Luckily, that’s not something you have to go to your carrier to do, as you can enter numbers right into your phone’s software.

It’s actually quite easy. Unlock your Google Pixel 3 XL and tap on the Phone app. Next, hit the three dot vertical menu button at the top right corner of the screen. It’s right next to the microphone button or icon. Now, just head into Settings > Call Blocking. Finally, just type in the number that you want to block and click Submit.

You can also block numbers from your Recent Calls or Call Log list. Find the number that you want to block, tap it, and then just press the Block number. You could even choose to report it for spam, which helps Google identify and potentially block spam callers within their software.

Unblocking a number

If you blocked the wrong person or just want to give that individual another try, you can easily unblock the phone number. Again, pop open your Phone app and hit that three-dot vertical menu button in the top right corner. Go into Settings > Call Blocking, and then just swipe away the number that you want to unblock.


Blocking a phone number on the Google Pixel 3 XL is an extremely easy process. If you’re having trouble with telemarketers, the FTC makes it easy to stop those annoying cold calls. And if you wish individuals would stop trying to reach you all the time, Google makes it easy to block and unblock numbers within its Phone app.

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