How To Block A Number On LG V40 ThinQ

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving phone calls from an unwanted number. Maybe someone gave your number a way, and now there’s someone that’s a borderline stalker calling you constantly. Or, maybe a number is trying to call you and sell you something that you don’t need, and you’re tired of it!

So, how do you stop calls like this? Is there a way to stop them from getting through, interrupting and potentially ruining your day? The good news is that — at least on the V40 ThinQ — you have a number of ways to block a call.

Follow along below, we’ll show you how you can block a number on your LG V40 ThinQ to stop these calls from happening again. Here’s how.

Do Not Call Registry

Tired of telemarketers trying to reach you on your V40 ThinQ? The good news is that there’s an extremely easy way to block them, and without trying to add each individual number to you block list. The best way to block a telemarketer is through the Do Not Call Registry. Telemarketers can call you from multiple phone numbers. You can block one number, but they’ll just call you with another, sometimes even from a different location (area code) to mix you up and get you to pick up the phone. They might even make it appear to be a local number so that you answer. That’s why putting your phone number on the Do Not Call registry is so important. Register your number on there, and telemarketers, by law, won’t be able to call you.

Getting your V40 ThinQ’s number on the list is easy. First, on your desktop or mobile device, head to Now, just click the orange button on the main page that says Register Your Phone. Next, click the REGISTER HERE option. Here you can enter three phone numbers you want to submit to the list — this could be your mobile number, a landline, and another phone number. After that, all you’ll need to do is enter your email address. Keep in mind that you cannot register or submit a number to the Do Not Call registry without entering your email address.

Once you’re done entering in those details, press the Submit button. Finally, the FTC sends a confirmation email to your email address with a final confirmation link. Click the link, and then the numbers entered are automatically posted to the registry. After a few hours, you should no longer get any calls from telemarketers.

Block a specific number

If you’re tired of a specific number calling you all the time, the LG V40 ThinQ allows you to easily block phone numbers locally. To block a number, you just need to tap on the Phone icon on your home page. If it’s not there, you can find it in All Apps. Next, just press the Menu button and go into Call Settings. From there, head into Call Blocking & Decline with message. Then, just select Blocked Numbers.

Now, press the + button to add a phone number. Add a specific number that you want to add, and then press Done. Alternatively, it will give you the choice to go through your Contacts or Call Log for you to choose a number that has called you before. When you’re done, just press Done, and that number won’t be calling you again.

Unblocking a number

If you want to unblock a number on the LG V40 ThinQ, the process is fairly easy. You can actually just repeat the steps you used to block a number, but instead, just delete the number off of your call block list.

  1. Tap on the Phone icon.
  2. Go to Menu Call Settings Call Blocking & Decline with message Blocked Numbers
  3. Then, just remove the number that you have blocked.

Once the number is removed, that person will be free to call you as they please.


If you have a number that is simply driving you nuts. you can see just how easy it is to block it and stop that number from calling you ever again. And, if you regret blocking it at some points, it’s very easy to unblock it on the LG V40 ThinQ.

How do you block phone numbers on the LG V40 ThinQ? Do you use a call blocker app? Maybe a Caller ID app? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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