How to Add Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy A20

Want to unlock your device in a faster and convenient way? Why not try to add face unlock on Samsung Galaxy A20? If you are interested, just read all throughout this whole article. 

Getting your device more secure has been very easy these days. New ways to get the screen lock security has been added on smartphones, thanks to the new technology. Face unlock is one of the coolest things to unlock your phone. 

All you have to do is to look straight into the phone’s screen and your device should open without the need to enter the password or touch the screen to enter the PIN or pattern. All you have to do is to register your face and enable face unlock on the device. 

Aside from unlocking the phone’s screen, face unlock can also be used to unlock supported apps on your Galaxy A20. Let us find out how you can register your face and add face unlock on Samsung Galaxy A20 below. 


  1. Access Settings from the Home screen. Swipe up if you have not set up the apps on the main screen. 
  1. Go to and select Biometrics and security. 
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  1. Tap on Face Recognition. 
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  1. Tap on Continue. For first time users, make sure to read the information prior proceeding. 
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  1. Set a secure screen lock. If you haven’t used any security lock, you will be asked to set up a passcode or pattern lock before you can add face unlock on your Galaxy A20. Enter your screen lock passcode or pattern if you have set it up already. 
  1. Answer the needed information to set up face recognition. 
  1. Start registering your face. Make sure that nothing is covering the lens as it will provide an error that it cannot register the face if the lens is dirty or something is covering it. 
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