Galaxy S20 Mobile Data Not Working. Here’s The Fix!

Some of our readers complained of mobile data not working on their new Galaxy S20. The problem reportedly started after a minor update. Such an issue can be pretty annoying, especially if you’re mobile and badly need an internet connection. 

The thing is if such a problem occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a serious issue with your device. For all you know it can be just an account-related problem. 

There are actually several factors you have to consider when you’re troubleshooting a smartphone with a mobile data that’s not working. So in this post, I will guide you in fixing your galaxy s20 that can no longer connect to the Internet via mobile data. Continue reading as this article may be able to help.

What To Do If Mobile Data Doesn’t Work On Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 6 minutes

What you need to do if you have this kind of problem is to troubleshoot your phone first before seeking assistance from your service provider. That said, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Force restart your phone

    Before doing any troubleshooting procedure, make sure to refresh your phone’s memory and reload all services. You can do so by doing the forced restart or the simulated battery removal. 

    To force restart your phone, press and hold the volume down and power keys for 10 seconds. The device will turn off and power back on. 
    When the S20 logo shows, release both keys and wait until the reboot is finished. 

    After this, make sure that mobile data is enabled and try to connect to the Internet.
    force restart galaxy s20

  2. Reset the network settings

    If the first solution failed to make mobile data on your Galaxy S20 work again, then what you have to do next is to reset its network services. Of course there are other minor troubleshooting procedures you can try, but believe me this procedure covers every network or connectivity-related issue. 

    Don’t worry, none of your files or data will be deleted and it’s pretty easy to do. Read our full guide on how to reset the network settings of your Galaxy S20 here:

    How To Reset Network Settings On Galaxy S20
    mobile data not working

  3. Call your service provider

    If the first two solutions failed to fix the problem and you still can’t connect to the Internet via mobile data, then make sure your phone has good signal reception and has enough credits (for prepaid users). 

    After making sure that the problem isn’t with your phone, call your service provider as it’s clear at this point that the issue can be with your account or the network. Your provider will advise you what to do if there’s an issue with your account or if there’s a network problem.
    call service provider

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There are times when you also have to reset your phone to make sure it’s not just due to a minor firmware issue, but you have to do that after calling your service provider. If they say your account is still in good standing and that there’s no problem with the network, then back up your important files and data, and follow one of the guides below to reset your device. 

And that’s what you need to do if your galaxy s20 mobile data is not working. I hope that we’ve been able to help you one way or the other. 

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