New Report Claims Galaxy Note 10 Will Ditch Headphone Jack and Buttons

While multiple leaks have given us some idea about the design of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, a new report has spoken about some omissions on the new flagship. The report claims that Samsung will ditch all physical buttons as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10, which has been present on every Samsung flagship so far. Given that there will be no volume rocker, it is said that Samsung might use a new technology wherein touch sensitive areas on the sides of the phone could act as the volume rocker.

As for the headphone jack, it’s hard to make sense of this decision, if true. While openings on a smartphone are a matter of concern for manufacturers, Samsung managed to gain an IP68 rating for the Galaxy S10 lineup earlier this year despite packing a headphone jack as well as physical buttons. Since we don’t know more about this report, we’re taking this with a grain of salt.

Samsung is expected to “unpack” the new flagship at its dedicated event sometime in August. With leaks increasing in frequency, we expect more word to follow suit in the days to come. So far, we’ve discovered that the Note 10 will come with a single front facing camera, while a previous leak talked about the handset potentially packing an IR blaster to act as a universal remote.

Do you think leaving out the volume buttons and the headphone jack will be a mistake? Share your comments below.

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Source: Android Police

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