How To Enable Galaxy Note10 Developer Mode

If you’re not into rooting but wants to tweak some low-level settings to enhance some aspects of your Galaxy Note10 such as change animation speeds or improve Bluetooth audio quality, you can do so by activating Developer Mode first. The process of doing so is simple and can be done under one minute. All you have to do is go under Settings menu and About phone.

Unlocking Developer Mode will allow you to use ADB commands, USB Debugging, change animation speeds, and so on. These options are ideally only meant for use by developers, as the name suggests, but since Android is much more customizable than iOS devices, it’s not a surprise that end users can access them as well. We warn you to exercise caution though when dealing with developer options to avoid problems.

Steps to Enable Galaxy Note10 Developer Mode

Keep in mind that Developer Options or Mode is hidden by default for a reason. Google and phone makers don’t want average users to tinker with the options under this sub menu as that can cause performance bugs and problems. So, if you’re planning on changing some developer options later on, be sure that you know exactly what you’re doing, or that you follow a guide to the letter. 
To enable Galaxy Note10 Developer Mode:

  1. Open Software Information.

    In order to access Software Information, you have to open Settings app, scroll down to and tap About phone. About phone 1

  2. Enable Developer Mode.

    Under Software Information, find Build number and tap it several times (at least 7 times). If successful, a pop-up message will say “Enable USB Debugging Mode.” This will activate Developer Options that you can access via Settings. Build number

  3. Check if Developer options is now available.

    Once you’re finished tapping on Build number multiple times, you must go back to the main Settings menu to see if Developer options is now activated. Just press the Back button a couple times to go back.Developer options

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