Galaxy Note 10 likely to have ridiculously fast charging abilities

We’ve heard rumors before, but it’s starting to look like Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will come with support for 45-watt fast charging. That’s insane, and will get your phone charged insanely quickly, but it isn’t happening right out of the box.

This new report says that Samsung won’t be shipping the necessary charger straight out of the box. You’re likely to get a normal, 25-watt Samsung charger with your Galaxy Note 10.

That said, it’s something that you should be able to purchase separately. And being a 45-watt charger, it’s not going to come cheap at all. SamMobile says that some retailers already have a price tag of €50 listed already.

It’ll be offered in black and white colors, at least if retailer listing are anything to go by. Hopefully Samsung will decide to just ship the charger with the phone at an expected retail price of $1100, but we’re not crossing our fingers.

source: SamMobile