Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

Can’t decide between Galaxy Buds vs AirPods? Both arguably can be considered the best wirelesss bluetooth headphones on the market today. Mobile companies have innovated greatly in terms of audio technology. Phones today come with microphones for noise cancellation and enhanced audio performance. Over the past few years, however, mobile companies are ever so eager to get their hands into the earbuds segment. Apple popularized the segment with the launch of the AirPods a couple of years ago, and the market hasn’t quite stayed the same. While not everybody is lining up to get a pair of the AirPods, fellow manufacturers have certainly taken note and decided to adjust accordingly.

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Samsung has freshly released the Galaxy Buds as a viable alternative to Apple’s AirPods. You can get it directly from Samsung while the company offers it for free along with Galaxy S10 pre-orders. So if you’re contemplating getting your hands on the product, here are some key differences you need to know between the two devices to help you make the right choice.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung has launched earbuds before, but it’s the first time the company is attaching the “Galaxy” moniker, thus bringing it in line with its flagship smartphone lineup. In terms of features, Samsung has surely done its homework compared to its older Bluetooth earbuds. The key highlight of this particular earbuds is the fact that it comes with extensive support for Samsung smartphones. Using the Bixby voice assistant, the Galaxy Buds can perform a myriad of tasks using just your voice. Much like the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds also comes with a microphone on board to pick up the tiniest of detail.

What’s even better is that the Galaxy Buds come with wireless charging support, which brings it in line with Apple’s product. All things considered, the Galaxy Buds are an excellent addition to the company’s roster and given that it’s priced competitively, we don’t see any reason why people would prefer the AirPods over this.

Pros and Cons

One of the pros of owning the Galaxy Buds is that you get to access a wide range of features out of the box. Also in terms of sound quality alone, the Galaxy Buds are significantly ahead of the curve, especially when comparing Galaxy Buds vs AirPods. But this could be mostly due to the fact that the AirPods have barely been updated while Samsung has had plenty of time to make changes to the design of the earbuds.

Much like the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds relies heavily on Bixby and/or Google Assistant. This is one area where Android based earbuds have a distinct advantage over the competition. These earbuds also come in multiple colors, which is a big advantage over the competition. It has been mentioned that the Buds can last up to an hour more than the AirPods, which is a bonus for owners of the product.

No product is without its cons, and the same can be said about the Galaxy Buds. While it’s smaller than the AirPods, it is also heavier, which somewhat negates the advantage of being smaller. Notably, the Galaxy Buds doesn’t have any buttons, so any feature you want to activate is done through voice commands.


This is an area where the Galaxy Buds have a distinct advantage over the competition. This particular offering is priced at a highly competitive given that Apple’s offering costs more depending on the retailer you bought it from. You might also want to consider getting the Galaxy S10 if you don’t want to spend money on the earbuds.

Apple AirPods

The AirPods, for better or for worse, somewhat changed how manufacturers look at earbuds. Although personally, the AirPods are not my thing, millions of users have trusted its performance and reliability. One key area where it shines is with regards to seamless compatibility, especially with iOS devices. Although it hasn’t been updated a great deal by the company, it still remains one of the easiest to pair headphones in the market. It also comes with a handy charging case which lets you charge up the device wirelessly, all you have to do is simply place it in the silo and your AirPods are charged automatically. It can also work with Android devices and Google Assistant, although you will require a separate app to make it happen.

Pros and Cons

When comparing Galaxy Buds vs AirPods, I personally find the AirPods to be convenient for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s pretty compact. Secondly, its battery is pretty decent, although not so decent compared to the Galaxy Buds. But most importantly, it gives Apple users an option to have a pair of earbuds that are tailored to work with their iPhones or iPads right out of the box. The fact that the AirPods can pair almost immediately with the iPhone is also something that makes it popular with the fans.

However, Apple has been somewhat slow in bringing some newer features to the AirPods. This has meant that companies like Samsung and multiple other audio equipment makers have pretty much overtaken Apple when it comes to features and performance.


You can get the Apple AirPods from Amazon or several other retailers.

Conclusion on Galaxy Buds vs AirPods

The Galaxy Buds are new in the market while the AirPods have been around for a while. For the Galaxy Buds vs AirPods comparison, this is the short story. However, when we also talk about the features as well as the pricing, it’s hard to look positively towards the AirPods. Apple has been unwilling to adjust to the market conditions with its iPhones and iPads, and the same can be said about the AirPods. Samsung, on the other hand, has done pretty well to launch a pair of earbuds that work seamlessly with Android smartphones (Samsung devices in particular) without shelling a large amount of money.

So when it comes down to Galaxy Buds vs Airpods, if you’re considering getting the new Galaxy S10 or already own a Bixby-compatible Samsung phone, the Galaxy Buds are tailor made for you. If you’re looking for iOS compatibility, we highly recommend the AirPods.

So what’s your pick?

SAMSUNGSamsung Galaxy BudsCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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