5 Best Offline Soccer Games For Pixel 3

It is widely considered one of the most popular sports in the entire World, and once every four years, the entire world turns its attention to the premier event of the sport, the World Cup. While this event may be the biggest, leagues such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and even the MLS have both a national and international following. The chances of making it into the ranks of one of these leagues is quite slim for most, but anyone can have the opportunity of living out their wildest soccer dreams and turning them into a reality, even if that reality is only happening on the screen of a Pixel 3. Here, we will be giving you our thoughts on five of the most popular offline games available today. Let’s get started!

FIFA Mobile Soccer

If creating, customizing, and managing a World Cup caliber team appeals to you, then this app is certainly one to consider. Your favorite team may not have qualified for the field of 32, but you can still garner international glory as you navigate through excellent gameplay, well-refined controls, and multiple locations and maps. All factors considered, this game does an excellent job of allowing you to create and experience your ideal World Cup. As your skills advance and your confidence grows, put your squad to the test by taking on other competitors on the app.

Download it now: Google Play

Dream League Soccer

Possessing smooth and realistic graphics, simple yet challenging controls, and multiple customization options, Dream League will keep you coming back for more. Like some of the other apps being discussed here, Dream League will also allow you to establish, manage, and oversee your roster of players from around the world. New challenges and objectives await as your season progresses, so there will always be a reason to come back to this game. Six different skill divisions also allow ample opportunity for your to put your greatness on display as you gain in confidence. Build a team, survive the challenges, and advance to greater heights.

Download it now: Google Play

Score! Hero

The crowd is going berserk, the match is tied, time is running low, and only the keeper stands between you and glory. You take a touch to the right to set up your attempt, carefully run up to the ball, and then you connect cleanly and watch as your shot arcs over the outstretched arms of the keeper and into the back of the net. So many soccer fans have had this dream time and time again. Now, Score Hero allows you to make that dream a reality. Rather than managing an entire team, Score Hero tracks your personal career as a professional footballer. If you are looking for a chance to get into the game and be the hero of the match, then this game may be a perfect fit.

Download it now: Google Play

PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

It is often said that a game is only as good as those who are playing the game. In soccer, this is certainly a true statement. The history of the game has been shaped by legends who are remembered for generations. Pro Evolution separates itself from some other games by allowing its users to legendary players to their roster. If you choose wisely, you could create a team that is essentially unbeatable. In addition to this great feature, the gameplay and graphics on Pro Evolution are excellent as well.

Download it now: Google Play

Top Eleven

While holding a prestigious title, the manager of a soccer club also holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. This person must plan practice sessions, recruit and sign top talent, and handle all sorts of team issues. Think you are up to the task? Top Eleven is the ideal way to put your managerial prowess to the test. If your dream is to the the manager of a top-notch club, then this app may be the best way to approach that reality. Give this app a try, and lead your team to a victorious season.

Download it now: Google Play


From individual effort, to customization options, to eye-catching graphics, each of these games contains elements that separate it from the others. Depending on what your personal objectives are, any one of these games may be the best one for you. Based upon our analysis of all major factors, we give the edge to Dream League Soccer due to its stunning graphics, simple controls, addictive gameplay, and great customization options. No matter what game you decide to download, you will almost instantly be on your way to achieving soccer glory from the comfort of wherever you decide to take your Pixel 3.

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